A rising star. My 8 year old daughter.

My 8 year old asked to play a game with my “little toys” as she calls them haha.

We played 4 basic skirmish games taking turns being Chaos space marines and Imperial Guard. She much prefers to be the “bad guys” she said hehe. The fourth game was the best as it was her mission to rescue a commander. She called in an airstrike and I one mighty, catastrophic blow she wiped out 8 of my remaining troops. Gulp!

It was so much fun. She particularly enjoyed the assault phase and smiled like a possessed demon when her Chaos Marine hacked down one of my commanders with a chainsword. I was so proud haha.

Next I’ll take on the 13 year old and then my wife. Then maybe even my 2 year old who is already a fearsome little warrior.

Some pix.

Two commanders face off against one another upon a tall, rickety, timber tower. Towel Drying Mountains in the background.


The dead and dying.


Storming the Chaos trenches.


Chaos lay in wait for a patrolling guard squad.




9 thoughts on “A rising star. My 8 year old daughter.”

  1. Great to see you having fun with your kids, my eldest is a keen gamer now, and tends to drag me into what he’s playing now rather than the other way about, my youngest however is only interested in computer games. Make the most of it while you can.

    Cheers Roger.

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