Happy 1st Birthday Imperial Rebel Ork

Wow, a whole year has past since I started this blog.

My best mate suggested I start this thing in early 2015. I’d just started picking up the paint brushes again as my other hobby, music had come to a halt. Since then my nerdy little hobby has become quite an important part of my life and who I am. I’ve never been, and never wanted to be, one of those people that work all day, come home, eat, watch telly and then go to bed only to get up the next day and do it all again. I love my work, my friends and my family but I have always needed something just for me too. Music has always been a big part of my life and still is but not in a performing way. Not for a while at least. I do miss it, especially the creative part to it. This other little hobby of mine allows me to be just as creative but in a different way. I also don’t have to give up my Friday and Saturday nights with the family to be in some stale beer smelling music venue haha. I do miss it though. The free beer and extra cash was always appreciated as well as the good crowds.

In this twelve months I have put out more work than ever before. I’ve been into the hobby since I was a teenager but it’s really been the last twelve months where I’ve REALLY been into it. My wife thinks it’s cute and quirky. My kids think I’m a big kid, which has proven to only help me be a good parent. My mates think I’m a little nuts but often humour me because they are good mates!

I wont waffle on too much but I do want to say one more, very important thing.

Without you lot, yes you, the other die hard hobby enthusiasts, I probably would not have continued with any of this. It’s your own interesting blog posts plus your advice, encouragement and kind words that tends to spur me on even more. Don’t get me wrong, I paint and convert because I love it but I post because of all of you. I came of Facebook a few years ago because I was sick of all the people moaning on there. The “Trolls” and the down right degenerate people that couldn’t say a nice word to save themselves. I’ve found that this little slice of social media is quite the opposite. I have yet to come across any negativity which has been so refreshing. So, thank you to you all.

Now for the summary:

For you people that love cold hard stats, here we go:

84 posts.

5922 views. (My best day for views was May 15th this year with 128 views).

1127 visitors.


I have been inspired by so many of you and I have also learnt so much from a lot of you too.


Now onto some pix of my favourite models.


wastelander 1wastelander 2

The Butcher.

the butcher 1the butcher 2

Ork Car for my German Ork Army. Still a WIP.

ork car 2ork car

Some of the Penal Legion and their prison transport. These guys were based on The Dirty Dozen.

penal 1penal 2penal 3penal 4

The Gue Vesa. Half breed Tau and Human warriors.

gue vesa 1gue vesa 2

A skewered space marine. Just for fun haha.

kebab 1

Lord Fendrake and his Retinue. My biggest completed project so far and one I enjoyed putting together immensely. Only some of the models pictured here.

inq28 1inq28 2inq28 3inq28 4inq28 5inq28 6inq28 7

The Scrappers, a Bounty Hunter Warband. A lot of character in this bunch of models. Only some models pictured here.

scrappers 1scrappers 2scrappers 3scrappers 4

Adeptus Mechanicus Warband. A small side project.

adeptus 1adeptus 2

I’ve become increasingly more intrigued with Nurgle.

nurgle 1

The Judicators project is one I am purposely taking my time with as I wish for it to be just right. There are a lot of models for this one. All of which are their own unique character.

judicators 5

judicators 1judicators 2judicators 3judicators 4

Lieutenant Cassius is just one of the heroes that make up the Mighty 77th Imperial Guard Regiment. There will be more models and stories to come for this project.

cassius 1mighty 77

In the Mouth of Madness was another mini side project. I thoroughly enjoyed putting this project together.

mom 1mom 2mom 3

The Vengeful few. A small (16 model) project. I put the models together a year ago but it’s only now that I am feeling quite inspired to paint them.



It’s been a fantastic year for me and I am not slowing down. I still have plenty to learn and many more projects to finish. I always try to push myself when it comes to converting and painting in the hope that my models and ideas stand alone.

Stay cool.


30 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday Imperial Rebel Ork”

  1. Wow, it’s a lot when you put it all together isn’t it? Cracking stuff mate, and speaking as a ‘follower’, it has been a joy to watch you develop and to see your brand of miniature mayhem spread through the interweb. Here’s to many more years πŸ™‚

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  2. Congrats sir! Have to say that I agree 100% about social media – dipped my toe in the water a few months ago with Facebook as I thought I may be missing something. I wasn’t. A lot of hysteria, melodrama, ego, spite and a lack of generosity. I’ve got two kids under 5 so I get enough of that off-line! Here’s wishing you many more blog posts.

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  3. Happy blogging birthday, sir! It’s always a joy seeing your work, and it’s awesome getting to see those Scrappers again! Keep up the great work

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  4. Congratulations sir! It’s nice to hear that your family supports your hobby. I’m sure it’s liberating to not stop yourself from just gushing about the backstories of your character models or even just talking about the 40k universe. Haha

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  5. Happy birthday, I’m always enjoying your posts that leave me with lots of inspiration for conversions and storytelling. On to many more years of exploring the grim darkness!

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    1. Thank you. The whole german army as been a very slow moving project. I think because it’s such a big project. There’s a fort, an air squadron. Tanks and other vehicles plus a large amount of troops.


  6. Happy “Birthday” mate – it’s gone past incredibly quickly, but at the same time you’ve gotten a hell of a lot done. Might be time for a retrospective series of group shots of each of your projects!

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      1. Just do what you can – after all, there’s only one way to get better as you’d know from being a muso as well as your time modelling with minis – try taking the photo on “detail” mode (the little flower icon) from a little bit further away. The objective being to get them all in the shot rather than to showcase them as individuals. You can then crop the edges to bring it closer to the models.

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    1. Haha. I saw your comment pop up and was thinking that’s weird for such an old post but then the penny dropped. I’ll try and email the very, VERY rough demo. As mentioned it’s the first time we played it. Also it’s only recorded on an iPhone so please don’t judge us too harshly. Haha.

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      1. Haha, no worries! I have a friend in a band so I’m used to getting to hear rough cuts recorded on his phone from their practice sessions. πŸ˜› I’m excited though! Can’t wait to hear it. πŸ˜€

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