The Charge of Ash Ravine

The Chaos marines manning the single line trench, that was only 30 yards in length, did not stand a chance against the wall of Inperial Guard charging directly at them. Despite their warped and sick minds they did not faulted. They held their ground and waited for the right moment to open up with their bolters.


The Guardsmen charge was full of dumb courage. They were spurred on by the thought of being executed by their own Commissar if they decided to retreat.

The Chaos Marines opened fire. Tentatively at first but when they saw the green figures start to drop their rate of fire intensified. The no mans land directly in front of the trench suddenly started to be stained with the blood of dead and dying guardsmen. Hope rose in the black hearts of the Chaos squad. Their Commander, who had literally taken a few steps back at the sight of the outnumbering guardsmen, now stepped forward. He could possibly win this fight simply because his men had ample cover but also a perfect line of sight. “Kill them allllllll” The Cjaos Commanders raspy voice screeched. Just then return fire from the Guard dropped four Marines and wounded the Commander. The glimpse of hope had been shattered. War cries from the Guard carried across the field to fill the chaos hearts with dread.

Suddenly there they were!

The inferior but numerous human warriors were on and or in the trench line. The battle went from an orderly charge and straight up fight to a chaotic and blood spattered scene of carnage within moments.


The Chaos unit and it’s unworthy commander was wiped off the face of the planet but had managed to kill close to thirty Imperial Guard troops.

It was a quick but decisive battle and was only the first engagement at Ash Ravine.

11 thoughts on “The Charge of Ash Ravine”

      1. Brilliant, it looks the part, I’m very jealous! Intrigued to see what you have up your sleeve for the new table project.

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    1. That was our thinking for the game. I had made a trench last year and both my mate and I love a bit of war history. Therefore the whole WW1 strategy of throwing poor unfortunate souls at a trench line worked well for this scenario.

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