Chaos Lord Hezrions Warband – The Brotherhood of disorder part three.

Pretty much every spare moment I’ve had this weekend has been dedicated to painting up some grunts for The Brotherhood of Disorder project.

I did a dry brush technique which definitely helped with churning out a large number of models. Then I started adding details and still need to add more.

As some of you might remember I was a little stumped with colour scheme.

I ended up going with a faded, dirty white for most models as I think white with black splashed with a little red could look quite effective en masse. The grunts look almost lifeless and hell bent on causing as much violence as possible. They look bleak and without any real character which is exactly what Id expect from lowly chaos grunt warriors.

As I mentioned, I still have more work to do on these guys but thought I’d share some WIP pix.

I’d really appreciate your feedback and any advice. Cheers. IRO


11 thoughts on “Chaos Lord Hezrions Warband – The Brotherhood of disorder part three.”

  1. Looking good so far! A little work on the highlights and you’re well on your way. You’ve got the ‘soulless’ vibe you were looking for I reckon, but it’s a fine line to tread between ‘soulless, inhuman killer’ and ‘statue’. To avoid these guys looking too much like the latter I’d make sure there’s no chance of them blending in to the base (perhaps use a warm brown there) and put in a little extra work on the helms (people will always look at the face first and it makes them seem more alive and animated). Have you considered adding a little bit of toxic gunk leaking from the armour seals? It helps add a little mystery – there’s clearly something nasty going on inside that armour – and makes them seem more like toned down chaos warriors, rather than loyalists who need a bath.


      1. In that case I’d focus on doing some extra layering and highlighting around the rest of the face – it’ll make the blank gaze of the model stand out and be even more startling.

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  2. Lookin’ good dude – I love that red you’ve achieved on the shoulders, it’s really cool! I’d agree with Wudugadt and suggest highlighting those eyes a bit (even though they’re black) and go over the lenses with ‘Ardcoat… they’ll look spot on I reckon… Also, I can highly recommend Typhus Corrosion and Ryza Rust to add a bit of atmosphere 😉

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