Chaos Lord Hezrions Warband – The Brotherhood of Disorder – Part four.

Hello chaps and chappettes.

Its been a while, for me at least, since I have posted anything here. This is mostly due to a change of job for me which has been great but  has required a lot more of my brain power haha. I have been modelling though and have even squeezed in a few small games.

For your viewing pleasure today I have part four of my Chaos Warband (more of an army actually really).

Lord Hezrion has recruited some fallen Space Marine Terminators lead by Commander Kharon.




As you can see I still need to base these properly. I’m thinking lots of burnt/blackened skulls.

Those of you with a keen eye may pick up the rust I have added. It’s subtle in parts and more prominent in others. There’s also a fair bit of battle damage. All this is my attempt to make them look old, weathered and worn. Oh and fallen!!!!!

As per usual your feedback and advice is always appreciated.




7 thoughts on “Chaos Lord Hezrions Warband – The Brotherhood of Disorder – Part four.”

  1. A very minor something that you may find useful is getting a pin vice (like a tiny hand drill) and drilling the weapon barrels. It would instantly add realism to those enormous guns!
    Skills on the bases would carry over their strong desire to murder in the nane if Khorne too so do it!

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      1. They’re truly invaluable. Useful for pinning, magnetising, battle damage and weapons! Plus you can actually use them to help paint in pieces (heads/guns) though I never bother because if you can’t see it from three feet away why go to the effort!

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