I am elderly, 37, so sometimes it takes me a lot longer to catch on to things. For instance I only learnt what a docking station was a few years back. I thought it was some NASA thing haha.

The reason I’m stating this is because I have just discovered a certain website that many of you may already know about. No it’s not Dakka Dakka or Iron Sleet. It’s called Go War Head. A Polish website and it is amazing. It’s run by some very cool dudes who seem to live and breathe wargaming, especially warhammer and 40k etc.

I only discovered the site a week or so ago and just feel compelled to share it with you lot. The conversions and paint jobs are astounding and very much up my alley. I am extremely inspired by all I have seen here.

Here are some pix from the site and I have put the link down below.

Youll need to translate the page if you want to read it all.







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