Bucket of Blood question.


Hi all.

I have a question.

I want to add a bucket of blood to a terrain piece I am working on.

Would I…

A: Just fill it with “Blood for the Blood God” from GW?

B: Mix Blood for the blood God with PVA?

C: Any other suggestions?

I’m sure you clever folk will have some advice.

Thank you in advance.


10 thoughts on “Bucket of Blood question.”

  1. B is a better bet than A because you don’t want it to crack as it dries. Mix it with PVA and fill the bucket. Once it’s dry you might find it’s a bit dull so a touch of clear nail varnish (or something similar) should make it look shiny and wet.

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  2. I’d mostly fill it with pva, let it set, and then a thick dollop of bftbg on top… what Azazel said is probably best though, if you can get the right stuff…

    Best advice is to test a few approaches and see what works for you mate – and then share! πŸ™‚


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