My blood experiment

I thought I’d post some pix of a little blood effect experiment I did last night. The other day I asked the question of how to create a really good blood look for a bucket of blood I have planned for another terrain piece. You lovely and clever people have me some great ideas. I kind of combined them all out of curiosity. The only thing I haven’t used is the water effect from Vallejo.

I am really happy with the result I achieved.

This was the method of my madness.

  1. I squeezed out a long snakey slither of PVA onto my terrain piece. Then dragged it into shape with a matchstick.
  2. I dripped in some blood for the blood God and felt rather silly because it went pink haha.
  3. I then poured in some red food dye and was pleasantly surprised at how dark and cool it looked. However it went a bit too watery.
  4. Then I squeezed on some Halloween fake blood and OH WOW!! It looked great.
  5. Finally I let it dry and then touched up the edges with blood for the blood God.

Heres the result. (Sorry about the shine from the light).


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