A circle of dead – A battle report.

Tonight on a baron battlefield became awash with blood from men, Tau and Chaos marines.

Tonight alliances were made.

Tonight man and machine fought side by side and against each other.

Tonight two little drones lead an air assault that rained down hell upon brave and desperate men.

Tonight battle raged so fierce that the earth trembled and stories of death, honour and heroism would be told for many a year.


Lieutenant Walsh (blue squad) and Lienutenant Drummond (red squad) of the Mighty Cadian 77th were ordered to attack a Chaos stronghold. Intelligence had told them that the Chaos Lord in charge of the detachment of Nurgle marines and Terminators had hired the help of a Tau platoon, complete with a Devilfish called “Dori” and two KV22- battlesuits. The two small platoons suddenly became quite the battleforce.


LT Walsh called an old pal of his working at a maximum security prison and asked if there were any last chancers ready to put it all on the line for one last attempt at redemption. His friend had just the crew for him and even asked to tag along. 13 penal legion warriors, including the D-Wing guard and their prison battle wagon, joined the 77th on what could quite possibly be the fight for their lives.


The small guard army crept up to some ruins to observe the chaos stronghold. It was going to be a much tougher fight than they thought. They called in some heavy support. A fast attack Penal Legion tank and a hard hitting veteran Leman Russ Battle Tank. Suddenly morale was at bursting point and every man was ready to kick some arse.

Meanwhile the Tau had already spotted the Guard and had informed their Chaos comrades. Positions were taken and they lay in wait for the first attack to come to them. Only moments later the dull orange metal prison wagon came rattling towards the stronghold at breathtaking speed. The tracked vehicle easily pushed through and mounted the outer perinetre of the chaos base. Fire came at the wagon from all directions including above from the gangway. The wagons twin canons were taken out first and then the vehicles tracks were blown apart as though they were made of plastic. The fourteen brave souls inside braced for impact as heavy fire came at the wagon. Seven of the troops were killed outright. The back door to the fast attack vehicle was kicked open and the remaining seven brave souls tumbled out ready to fight and fight they did.

Over on the left flank of the stronghold the Leman russ trundled slowy forward. The cocky young driver sitting high in the open turret was unexpectedly taken out by sniper fire from the parapet of the stronghold. A lone Tau Fire warrior smirked under his Crimson mask. Another guardsman hurriedly replaced the dead driver. The Russ fired up at the parapet and on the third and final shot managed to take out the sniper. Blue squad moved up to take cover behind the Russ.

The Chaos marines called an air strike that, unfortunately for them, did not come. The marines held their ground, deciding to defend rather than venture out into no mans land. Their terminators fired at the seven surviving guard from the prison wagon wreck and took out two men. The five brave guardsmen threw themselves into battle and even though the odds were stacked against them and they managed  inflicted some serious damage. They took out two terminators and a KV22 battlesuit. Despite feeling invigorated by their surprise win they knew, deep down, death was just around the corner. A Tau warrior took out two guardsmen in hand to hand combat. Another Tau warrior cut down a convict. Another guardsmen fell from hand to hand battle with a terminator. Lienutenant Drummond of Red squad now faced nearly a dozen foes completely alone. He raised his laspistol and chainsword in defiance and screamed “for the emperor!!” As a wall of Bolter shots came at him and tore him to shreds.

The Leman Russ spied the second battlesuit hiding behind the stronghold. The Russ took aim and was about to fire when the Suit took off and hid behind a wall, careful not to scratch his fish Crimson paint work. The gunner of the tank chuckled and aimed directly at the wall. BOOM!! A huge hole exploded open to reveal the Tau Battlesuit. Another shot rang out from the Leman Russ and the shot severely injure the Battlesuit. Hoorah!!! Cried the Tank crew. LT walsh’s blue squad moved up further. Then the convicts who had stayed in reserve came charging out ready to redeem themselves, ready to repent! They opened fire at the Chaos lines and took down two Nurgle marines.

PoP! The second driver of the Russ collapsed dead, a hole the size of a golf ball in his forehead. His body was hastily dragged away and another brave guardsmen took the helm. The Russ fired up at some Tau warriors and missed completely.

The Chaos attempted to call in an airstrike for a second time but again it did not come.

All the remaining guardsmen and the convicts were now out in the open. They felt a surge of confidence for a moment but then suddenly the Tau Devilfish called “Dori” came hovering at them from out of nowhere. It opened up with all its guns at the Leman Russ but the tanks armour was strong and managed to hold. The tank fired back missing with every shot. Three brave blue squad guardsmen on the ground fired up at Dori with their grenade launchers and took it out. Dori’s driver, Delsion The Dreamer was flung from the wreck and hit the ground so hard every bone in his body shattered. He screamed for help that would never come. Miraculously the two onboard drones ( Bip and Bop ) from Dori flew away unscathed.

BAM! The third driver of the tank was snipered through the throat. His body was removed with no ceremony and a fourth driver took his place.

The last battlesuit, which had been quite badly injured, stepped out from  behind the burning Dori. It’s damaged but still functioning canon arm slowly rose. Voosh!!! A shot rang out and hit the Leman Russ dead centre and blew the machine apart. Seconds later convicts and guard opened fire on the Suit destroying it.

Chaos called a third airstrike but failed again. Then a fourth, a fifth… No luck.

But then…..

bip… bop…

bip… bop…

Electronic beeps could be heard in the night sky. The guardsmen looked up and at first they could see nothing. Then they saw it. Something they could not believe. The two small Tau drones were guiding a chaos gunship, known as BOM “the mighty shaft”,  in for an airstrike. The gunships first run was sloppy and missed its mark. The second run was a circular strafe around the 15 remaining guardsmen. 8 men were cut to pieces in seconds. A circle of bodies surrounded the survivors. The chaos/tau force charged out of their stronghold to confront their enemy in hand to hand combat and wiped them all out with relative ease.

Despite the odds being stacked high against them the 77th, along with the Last Chancers fought gallantly and did not back down for an instant. Ultimately though the Chaos and the Tau won the battle.


Penal legion battle wagon stacked with dead guardsmen and terminators.


LT Drummond faces his execution.


Machine against Machine.


Delsion The Dreamer… Fallen from Dori and broken.


A Nurgle marine looks down upon the carnage he and his brothers have just inflicted.


Chaos terminators and marines open fire on the survivors of the penal wagon wreck.



Guardsmen fight a tough fight knowing full well that death is just moments away.


Guard and convict stand side by side next to their destroyed Leman Russ ready and willing to die for the emperor.


The circle of dead. The last fight.


Probably the best battle to date. A great game with some heated competition and a lot of laughs.



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