692 miniatures.

I’ve been meaning to do a bit of a count of all my “made” miniatures. Today I did just that. While my two year old watched The Lion King (great movie) I unpacked all my meticulously labelled sandwich bags. Each bag is marked with the name of the army or project.

I actually quite enjoyed laying them all out over the kitchen table, lining them up and then counting them.


Mad the title of the post declares I counted 692 miniatures. This does not include all the vehicles I have plus all the boxes of unmade miniature items.

Id be very curious to hear what your count or estimate is on your own collection. Something tells me my horde is probably relatively small haha.

Cheers IRO


41 thoughts on “692 miniatures.”

  1. Wow – that does look rather impressive laid out like that doesn’t it? No idea how many I’ve painted down the years to be honest, would be interesting to count them all but after painting for a few hours a week minimum for over a decade I reckon there might be a fair few!

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      1. Sadly most of them are in boxes. I’ve moved house so many times over the last few years, stayed in all kinds (often less than salubrious!) places, sometimes just living out of a rucksack. None of that is conducive to carrying a large collection of models around with you! However I’m hoping I’m a little more settled for a while so I’m hoping to retrieve at least part of the collection from storage soon. Depending on how I’m feeling at that point I might sit down and count them all. More likely though I’ll just end up using the time to paint more!

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      1. I’m not sure… I got rid of a lot of plastic miniatures along the way when I decided to get back into the hobby and go old school metal that stuff just didn’t fit my vision any more. So, I would have about 100 odd in my current collection, I would have got rid of a couple of Hundred, and there is an unthinkable amount in the unpainted pile!

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      2. Way harder to convert but I do enjoy it… I will have to take and post some photos of my very heavily converted Grey Knights which were one of the most enjoyable miniature projects of.my life so far.
        I am not purely old school. I would think nothing of adding a modern plastic piece to an old metal miniature if it looked good. I am also planning to get the new genestealer cult plastics soon (though the old metals are better they are too expensive!)… Overall I just like metal models more than plastic and in addition to that I also like the classic mid-90s Games Workshop aesthetic….

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    1. Ahahaha. I showed my picture but made sure they were all packed up before her return from work haha. She encourages me with my hobby but I’m sure having our dining table covered in little plastic men would cause her some distress.

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      1. I’ve got an old set of school lockers I found discarded behind a factory that is full of hobby gear. Plus I have separate dining table in the study full of terrain. Haha. One day I hope to have a proper man cave set up with display shelves and gaming tables etc. crazy but fun and harmless.

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  2. A decent chunk of the painted ones are on display in the War Room, a few in cabinets, and a lot in cases. Unpainted are mostly in various storage tubs and in their boxes in shelves.

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  3. That’s quite a horde, as for how many I have not sure most of mine are in box files in the loft, various scales/ periods/ genre’s each box hold say 80 to 100+ figures fifteen boxes per shelf four shelves… I don’t want to think about this anymore. Why did you start this topic!

    Cheers Roger.

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