The battle of Roredon Keep.

“Remember the Alamo”

It was a song and it was a battle cry and it was a reminder.

Fast forward several Millenia and history could have repeated itself at Roredon Keep if it were not for the Mighty Cadian 77th and their courage.

Weary from a long campaign against the cannibalistic  Kroot Boers, a platoon of Cadian Veterans and Blue squad of the 77th took refuge in the delapetated ruins known as Roredons Keep. Their scouts had alerts them that a small Kroot encampment was only a few clicks away but the information was not entirely accurate. Yes the Kroot camp was small but several larger hunting parties were out foraging when the Cadian scouts had found the camp. The scouts had also failed to see the Tau platoon that was slowly marching towards the Kroot camp to bolster their forces.

The attack came fast!

The Cadian vets, despite being tired, hungry and sore from weeks of battle, quickly snapped into action and manned the ruined walls. They were tough, hardened well trained soldiers who relished the thought of spilling more Kroot blood. Blue squad, who had also seen their fair share of battle in the campaign, hastily loaded their weapons and readied themselves alongside their veteran brothers.

First they heard the howling and guttural cries of the Kroot. Then the muffled whirring of battle suits and stealth suits of the Tau came to the Cadians ears.

“Here they come!” Zimmerman, a Veteran Guard Lieutenant called out.

The grizzled Veterans along the North wall opened fire first on the two Tau Battle suits and three Stealth suits. Surprisingly and luckily for them the largest of the battlesuits fell easily, completely destroyed. The stealth suits fired back and took out a couple of Cadians but their attack had lost momentum and all confidence was lost.

A Tau fire squad charged at the North wall parapet with gusto. They were ready to take the Keep without breaking a sweat. Pow. A single shot rang out from a long range sniper rifle somewhere on the Cadians watch tower and the Fire squad leaders head cracked open like an egg splashing his troops with blood and brain fragments. The Tau team lost some morale and forgot to shoot back at the enemy and, instead, just kept running for the keep.

The Kroot warriors attacking the East and West walls chose not to fire at all. Lunacy? Maybe. Or maybe they felt so confident they would take the Keep with brute force in hand to hand combat. How wrong they were.

Volley after volley of well aimed and controlled fire came at the lines of Kroot and their number started to dwindle at a disgusting rate.

The remaining Tau battle suit and two stealth suits moved closer to the Keeps North wall but before they even considered breaking through all three were destroyed by grenades.

The vice grip strategy of the Kroot on the west and east walls was well under way. The Kroot attacking the west wall were soon stumbling over their own dead to get at the steadfast Cadians. The Kroot were hungry for revenge. Over on the East wall the attacking Kroot were a little more cautious in their approach and fired at the Cadians from afar. They managed to take down enough troops to get to the open wall archways.

Meanwhile the Cadian commanders barked orders through the compound. They shifted their men towards the East wall knowing full well things could get out of hand soon.

The Tau fired into the Cadian ranks and did surprisingly well considering they were still in shock from losing their leader. They then attacked in hand to hand and did a little more damage. However, one by one the Tau fell leaving only two to attack a watch tower.

The west wall held firm. The Cadians successfully and easily repelled the Kroot attack and only lost a handful of their own troops.

However, one foul smelling Kroot warrior remained… He charged and leapt through a ruined window to be confronted by four guardsmen. One of which was the Cadian sniper. The Kroot was so close to the sniper he didn’t even need to aim. He pointed his rusted rifle and squeezed the trigger. The Cadian sniper could not believe what had happened. Stealth and hightened senses were what made him so good at killing now here he was with his entrails spilling out of his stomach. Shot by a low ranking Kroot warrior. The sniper slowy fell to his knees staring at the Kroot, his expression one of shock and horror. Then he was dead. The Kroot wailed like a banshee partly out of excitement over the kill and partly at the anguish of losing so many brothers. The other three guardsmen surrounded the murdering Kroot bastard. “Oih” one of the men said. The Kroot looked up just as all three guardsmen fired. A dark red mist was all that remained of the Kroot who killed the beloved Cadian sniper.

The last of the Tau took out two guardsmen on a watch tower but they themselves were hit by a grenade. The blast blew one of them to pieces while the other was thrown off the tower.

A Krootox and its rider appeared in one of the wide gaps of the Keeps walls. The rider snarled before it opened fire wildly at Lt Walsh of blue squad and Veteran guardsmen.  The Cadians laughed to each other as the enemies shots whistles past way above their heads. All three aimed and fired killing both Krootox and rider.

The Kroot on the East wall pushed in fast and hard now and took out nearly half a dozen guardsmen. It would be their last attempt at an Attack. A second, stronger, line of guardsmen were waiting for them. A firing squad, lined up, aimed… Bam bam tatatatatatata bam tatatatat……… Every Kroot was dead.

A very difinative battle indeed.

Some pictures from the battle.

A large force of Kroot approach Roredon Keep.


The battlesuits and stealth suits were no match for the many guns of the Mighty 77th.


Aerial shot of Roredon Keep.


A guardsmen falls but this only inspires another trooper beside him to fight even harder.


The ill fated Kroot Attack on the west wall.


The Cadian sniper lurks in the shadows waiting for the perfect shot.


Guardsmen watch the Kroot approach the East wall.


Two lone Tau inflict some damage but not enough.


A Cadian Veteran Commander makes a stand and shoots at point blank range.


The Krootox makes its move but it and it’s rider are shot dead moments later.


Kroot Warriors enter the keep through the east wall.


Only to be confronted by an execution squad.




12 thoughts on “The battle of Roredon Keep.”

    1. Our own bastardised summarised simplified system haha. Roll to hit roll to save. Different rolls for commanders, special characters and vehicles. Similar rules to Space ️Crusade. With each game we discuss certain things to and agree on outcomes etc. Eg the Sniper could roll to take out two “in line” enemy troops with one shot. He failed the roll though. So basically we make it up as we go along apart from the basics. Great fun. No game is ever the same and we are not restricted by a strict rules or overwhelmed by a gazillion rules. As we are elderly and have families we don’t get a lot of time to play so a quick cohesive action packed game is the best for us. However I am in the process of writing a campaign which will be an ongoing thing.

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      1. Sounds like a lot of fun. I’d also recommend also taking a look at WK40k 3rd edition, and it’s “Black Codex”. A much simpler, stripped-down version of the current mess of a set of rules. Fast and fun to play to boot!

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