It’s funny where the hobby takes you.

As the title says, it’s funny where the hobby takes you.

Once upon a time all I cared about was the Imperial Guard, not even that long ago actually. I was especially partial to Catachans. Now I find them a little ordinary. Still cool in a way, especially because I’m a Rambo fan and let’s face it they are little Rambos haha. Especially that Marbo character aye wink, wink, nudge, nudge. They were also my first GW models. Metal ones. Now the Catachans I have will be conscripts for the Mighty 77th Cadian regiment.



I fell in love with Cadians. These guys are the epitome of the “grunt” the “underdog”, plus I love the movies Star ship Troopers and Aliens “Drake we are leaving!!!” Classic. The Cadians are the only human element (Unless of course you count Space Marines but they are Superhuman) in an otherwise fairly monstrous universe. They are essentially, us. Yes, you and me in the 41st millennium fighting and dying side by side. Of course, I’d go on to be a Veteran Sergeant for the Dark Angels and you’d probably be shot between the eyes in the very first fire fight, but our humble beginnings would be in the Guard. Haha.

cadian art 1

Over the last twelve months the diversity in my hobby interests have surprised me quite a lot. I’ve gone from fairly standard to off the bloody wall. EG:

I think a lot of it has come from my, relatively new found, passion for converting models. As I’m on a never ending search for “bitz” I’m constantly looking at different factions. My horizons have broadened significantly because I want to push my imagination to infinity and beyond. PLEASE NOTE: It wasn’t my intention to reference movies throughout this post but C’est la vie.

After the Imperial Guard it was all about Orks. Lovely, big, green, bastard, brutes who love war, battle, blood and carnage! Brilliant. How could anyone in their right mind not like Orks in some way?? I currently have two Ork armies that are WIP. One of which is a German themed army, including planes and vehicles, which lead me to some manufacturers of miniatures other than GW. In this case Kromlech. Wow!!

Then I dabbled with Tau. Not an amazing faction in my personal opinion but I do like the fluff around them and I found myself drawn to the Gue ‘Vesa. Must be the Rebel in me! I find the Tau to be like the hippie goody goodies of the 40k world. They are so polished and nice looking haha but alas I was, and still am, drawn to them. Mine are a little rougher than most though. This is due to my lack of painting skills and to the fact that I prefer a battle weary damaged look to my minis.

Oh and speaking of rebels, “You rebel scum”,  I then started building a Rebel IG army and this lead me to discovering the Traitor Legion. Holy Shitballs!!!! I was so thrilled and as excited as I would be swimming with bow legged women. I’ll be impressed if you know what movie I’m referencing there. Even more impressed if you can explain what it means? I now have quite a force of Traitor Guard now which is still growing and, like a lot of my armies, a WIP HA!!

Naturally, the Traitor Guard ignited an interest in Chaos in general. I’d always steered clear of Chaos and Space marines. I don’t know why exactly, they just didn’t do it for me, or so I thought. How wrong I was. The Chaos Legions are fascinating. So ugly, so brutal, so evil, so lovely. I have only explored Khorne and a bit of Nurgle at this stage so I still have a long way to go and a lot to learn but I am hooked. The army I’m working on currently (The Brotherhood of Disorder) has elements of both Khorne and Nurgle. I hope I’m not breaking any rules with that, actually, scrap that, I hope I am breaking the rules!!! There’s that Rebel again!

Then came inq28… My mind was blown and the idea of a little War-band really flicked my switch. I studied, I researched and I wrote back story fluff for each member of the retinue. I then scoured the web looking for the perfect bits and/or models for each character where as usually I would make the model first then come up with the fluff. This quest inadvertently opened my mind to lead miniatures. My only experience with these was with the first Catachans. I liked the feel and the weight of the lead minis and plan to explore this avenue further. A lot further. Anyway, I digress, the inq28 project was so much fun, so much in fact I did a spin off bounty hunter crew as well, complete with an Albino Ork. Controversial or what? There will be more projects along this line of fun to come too.

Next came something completely out of left field. I wanted to do something entirely unique. I started thinking about the 40k world and who was in it other than the mighty armies and factions. I started thinking about what kind of Judicial system there might be and just like that my Judicators Project was born. This is also a WIP but OMG what a project it has grown to be. I just keep thinking up new additions to the whole thing. I think I have almost exhausted all the ideas for models, believe me there is quite a few now, so it’s just the painting. Oh and some specific terrain too. I can’t wait to showcase this project.

After purchasing bitz from the Bretonnian range and also the Empire range to help me with the Judicators I fell in love with WH fantasy, you know, the ones they have discontinued now haha. After alllllllllllllllllllllll these years I finally get into it they start pulling them from the shelves. Bugger! I managed to pick up a box of Men at Arms and a Bretonnian Battalion box just before they disappeared though. However I really want the Empire Militia but on eBay they are now priced crazily. BIG SIGHHhh… I have started building an army called “The Emperors Light”. The old cloak and dagger films from yesteryear have always been a love of mine since I was a little fella so it was inevitable I would eventually find myself google imaging pix of Vikings, Romans, Templars etc. Thanks to GW getting rid of the lovely old models and crazy eBay people trying to charge me $90 for a sprue of Men at Arms, I turned to other manufacturers for similarly themed models. I bought some Frostgrave soldiers and Gripping Beast Saxon Thegns for a steal. These are true scale 28mm though but I’m going to try and think of some fluff to cover this size difference in the army. Maybe they’re impish or something. I’m also going to include some Minas Tirith from LOTR and yeah they’ll have to be impish too I guess. The size difference wont really matter on a grand scale and during game play but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bother me at all. Grrrrrr. On a side note, if any of you fine people want to sell me some Bretonnian/Empire minis at a reasonable rate let me know.

So from there…

Naturally the goodies need to fight some baddies so my Reaper Lords Army was born. I haven’t really spoken about this army much, if at all, on here but holy testicles it’s going to be a big one. A mighty horde indeed my friends. It all started with the release of the Bloodreavers. To me, this collection of barbaric cannibalistic warriors was/is highly underrated. I think they ROCK! Again, they take me back to another favourite movie(s) of mine which is Conan. “Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women.” Hahaha awesome stuff!! This particular army consists of Chaos Knights on foot and on horseback, Marauder infantry and cavalry, Beastmen and a huge horde of Bloodreavers. A lot of painting to do here.


Along the way I have dabbled in Adeptus Mechanicus too. Plan on more dabbling.

Lately I’m finding myself intrigued by Mordheim but also I’ve started an Undead army.

I am also liking the idea of building a Space Marine army but it will be a Legion from my own imagination. Possibly a “shattered” Legion. Wink to

So who knows where this hobby will lead me but I am absolutely loving the journey and it has a lot to do with this blog and you guys. You special lot who have a look and a read, comment, advise and inspire me.

This is my 99th post, I’ll try and make the 100th more about pictures than words I promise. I know how much we all love looking at pictures on the internet late at night………….. * Cough.





21 thoughts on “It’s funny where the hobby takes you.”

  1. With the sculpts getting better and better it sure makes it hard to say no. I started with Sisters and Nids and said I would stop there. Then I added a unit of Grey Knight Terminators because I could ally them in with the Witch Hunter codex. GW releases the Vostroyans and I start collecting them. They’d look great alongside the Sisters. A new Grey Knights codex is released and I build onto my existing collection. Forgeworld releases Badab War and I start a Carcharodons army. I have the Start Collecting Skitarrii box and would love to paint up some Harlequins. I’ve resisted Fantasy but with the new Sylvaneth releases that may come to an end.

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      1. A commmon question I get from my wife, “Do you really need that?”

        “Well, um, uh, no. Oh hey. The cat is doing something adorable.” *I slide away as my wife is distracted.*

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  2. A vey enjoyable article ol’ boy and thank you for the shout out, though I feel we sort of stumbled upon the idea and credit goes to you rather than I (and Forgeworld). Well done on this being your 99th article, may there be many more!

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  3. That was a very nice read 🙂 When you take a step back and look at your different projects it’s interesting to see how the muse has taken you, flitting from one idea to the next. “Lately I’m finding myself intrigued by Mordheim” Please do this! I would love to see your take on it

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  4. Lovely article mate, totally with you with regard to how this hobby leads you down different paths, sometimes to entirely new places that haven’t been ‘filled in’ yet by the powers that be. These are my favourite spots, exemplified by your Judicators project… Here be dragons!

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  5. Jaws…… it’s just a dirty sailor song isn’t it?

    And yes, the hobby does lead one all over, I think focus is very hard for most to achieve! But perhaps we don’t really want to focus on just one project….

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    1. Haha I’m not sure man but it’s a funny bloody line in the movie. I met a bloke at a pub once, playing darts, wearing a tshirt that had the quote on it haha. I certainly don’t want too much focus. I have enough of that with work. I work sporadically and excitedly in this hobby of ours.

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  6. I have found the same phenomenon working in my hobby activity, but it has greatly expanded after my club began a “narrative campaign” in 40K. Suddenly, as our various battles are linked into a great story, new heroes emerge–and they need miniatures. A battle on a desert planet creates the need for Tallarn troops. A one-off adventure that awakens the Necrons means a hasty build-up of Necron troops and an entirely unexpected series of battles, terrain building, etc.

    You’re more creative in the “artistry” of miniatures than I, but your comment about “where the hobby takes you” offers a useful reminder of why this hobby is so fun. Who knows where it will take our creativity in the year ahead.



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