My 100th Post: Allegiance – A battle Report.

Hello friends, it’s been a while. I wanted my 100th post to be a bit special and was intending it to be my completed “Judicators Project” but alas it’s not quite ready.

Instead my 100th post will be quite a large battle report/story.

For the Saturday just gone Id arranged for two of my best mates and their sons to pop round for a battle of EPIC proportions. Leading up to the big stoush (fight) I had to finish off (90% at least) my IG Regiment, The Mighty 77th, including Catachan Conscripts. My Chaos army, The Brotherhood of Disorder with accompanying cultists. My Tau/Kroot army and some Orks with transport wagon and Orky Looted Tank. As well as all that I wanted to nut out some basic modular terrain. I will be doing separate posts for each faction to showcase them. I’ll also do a separate mini-post on the terrain for those of you that dig that kind of thing. I love making terrain but I am running out of space in my front room haha and may have to sell some off to make space for new gear.

So despite my “post” absence, I’ve been watching and commenting and admiring of course, I have been very busy with this little hobby of ours.

Now, onto the BATREP and pix. Apologies in advance for the photos. Not amazing shots because I was too engrossed in the game hehe.



Strength in numbers was what this fight was all about. We all know that the Imperial Guard are all about numbers. Meat to the Grinder. The enemies of men have come to realize this simple, but often effective, strategy of the Guard so decided to try and beat them at their own game. Baddies, let’s call them what they are, don’t generally play well with others but on this occasion some semblance of a truce was drawn up. Three baddie armies joined forces and set their sights on destroying the well known and respected Mighty 77th of the Imperial Guard. A small Chaos army called The Brotherhood of Disorder, an Ork war-pack called The Blud Lettas and a spritely Tau/Kroot force called ……….. reluctantly shook hands and agreed that they would not turn on each other, at least until they wiped the 77th off the universe. Now the 77th was/is one of the most feared regiments of the guard and it would need to take something special to take them out. Three armies against one was a good bet. Surely?

Primary Missions:

Guard: Defend the Bastion.

The baddie Allegiance: Gain control of the Guard Bastion with at least two commanders and ten troops.

Secondary missions:

Guard: Destroy the two (Chaos) supreme commanders who had taken control of the Allegiance.

The baddie Allegiance: Destroy the guard completely.

For the sake of a bit of fun and healthy competition we decided that, the elderly gentlemen of the group, namely myself and my two best mates, would be in command of the Guard. The juniors, or apprentices, would each control one of the baddie factions.

The lists:


x4 Leman Russ tanks

x1 Penal Legion landraider (fast Attack)

x1 sentinel

x1 dreadnought

x1 Command squad, including sniper.

x5 10 man grunt units.

x3 10 man veteran squads.

x1 24 man Catachan Conscript platoon.

x1 13 man Penal Legion squad.


The baddie Allegiance:

More chaos (khorne and Nurgle) space marines than you can point a stick at.

A squad of terminators

Half a dozen commanders

x2 main commanders, including Lord Hezrion.

X10 cultist/renegades

x2 10 man Tau fire squads (including snipers)

x2 battlesuits

x2 CVX Dreadnoughts

x1 Devilfish with x 2 sniper drones (Bip and Bop haha)

x2 Tau commanders (one in the gold suit was named Patricia – im not sure why?)

x1 tribe of Kroot. (25 warriors)

x1 Krotox (Falgroth)

x1 Kroot Dog Trainer

x2 Kroot dogs

x1 Orky Looted battle tank

x1 Orky Looted Bi-Plane

x1 transport trukk (no fixed weapons in this thing)

x20 stormboyz

x2 commanders


I had fun setting up the new and the old terrain before the boys got there and I was excited as a Panda at a bamboo festival to show off all the models etc.


“Bleeding heck it’s warm today!” Private Colt declared as he stood guard on the north east wall of the Cadian Bastion. His comrade, a man of few words, grunted in acknowledgement. Colt scanned the horizon for the millionth time that day, hoping deep down, that he wouldn’t see anything ugly and angry coming their way. Unfortunately for Colt that’s exactly what he did see. His mouth dropped and a few drops of urine seeped through his underwear. “Ohhhh Fraaag meeee…” Colt said in a very shaky voice. On the horizon was a long line of some kind of angry army. His silent comrade looked too but this guy liked a scrap and instead of pissing himself with fear he gave a loud WHOOP of joy. “Time to fight and die!” He roared at the trembling Colt.

They came quickly, without warning. No one had believed it could happen but here it was. A horde of chaos, ork and tau. All marching fiercely towards the small but sturdy Cadian Bastion.

The Guard tanks rolled out and into formation. A sentinel clunked up to near the outer defense line along with a platoon of Catachan conscripts. Men who were not well trained but just as eager to fight as any good soldier. They were hardened by the harsh environments they were raised in. They were cold, determined and tough. Each had a lasrifle and a blade of some description. Each had a lot of guts they they were ready to spill if need be.

A grand total of five guard squads (grunts) took up their positions. Yellow and White squad manned the Bastion while Blue, Red and Green squads spread out on the left of the Bastion.

The veteran guard squads split up. Two squads positioned themselves just behind the front line. The third squad would hold the right flank of the Bastion.

A large, slightly rusted and ancient dreadnought stomped forward and then stood silently waiting for instruction just a few yards away from the main door of the bastion. A silent centurion made of solid iron.

The command squad centered themselves between Blue and Red squad. All except the sniper who went up onto the North wall parapet.

The Mighty 77th were ready…

The Allegiance swarmed across the ruined and scorched battlefield not seeming to be in any kind of formation but they did noticeably stick to their own kind. The Chaos army pushed forward from the left flank. The Orks came up almost dead centre while the Kroot and Tau marched up the right flank.

Suddenly the marching stopped. The noises stopped and the land was still and deadly silent. The two sides eyed each other with contempt. It was going to be a fight like no other. A battle that would go down in the history books.

The baddies made their move by slowly, almost tentatively, moving some of the Kroots forward. It was as though they were testing the range on the Lemans. The Guard were eager to draw blood, in retrospect they were too eager. They sent the penal legion squad in their prisoner transport (landraider) vehicle hurtling towards the enemies front lines. The men inside the rusty but speedy wagon whooped and cheered at the prospect of battle and carnage. Their party came to an abrupt halt when heavy ground fire from chaos and Ork troops blew the wagon to pieces, including 11 of the 13 penal legion troops inside. Morale, for the guard, was certainly rocked by this early upset but definitely not broken. After all they still had 4 Leman Russ tanks with very thick armour and some awesome firepower!! On a side note, this tactic by the Guard was used in a previous battle with a very similar result. Sometimes you just never learn haha. 

Shots came at the guards front lines and a few Catachans went down, their carcasses a bloody mess. The Guard squads just behind the front lines, held firm. Their command squad did the same. The troops in the Bastion watched the enemy horde carefully. Looking for cracks in their attacking lines.

As the three Suns started to set on the desolate planet an Ork Bi-Plane came buzzing out of nowhere. It’s destination was the Bastion. The Guards along the parapet saw it coming and took some badly aimed pot shots and hit nothing but air. The Bi-Plane swooped in blasting away with it’s four automatic bolt guns but, miraculously, only killed one or two guardsmen. Then however the co-pilot of the rickety old airplane dropped some stick bombs and killed four soldiers along the east wall parapet. The Ork pilots roared with laughter but their blood drunk happiness was soon cut short when troops within the Bastion scored some good hits on the plane and brought it down, amazingly, in one piece. It literally dropped from the sky and landed dead centre of the Bastion. The Guard made mince meat of the two Ork pilots and then pondered what they should do with the plane. They all elected Henry, a somewhat slow and simple recruit who was known for his clumsiness and social awkwardness, to fly the plane directly at the Orky Looted Tank in the distance. Henry grinned dopily and nodded eagerly as though he had just been asked if he wanted some fairy floss and lemon pop. Henry’s comrades helped him into the plane and gave him a brief run down on the controls, let it be said that not a single soldier knew what they were talking about but it was a team effort in trying to build Henry’s confidence. The dilemma they faced was that they had no run way for the plane to take off from. It was literally caged by the four walls of the Bastion. One brainiac had the idea of setting some explosives under the plane which, on explosion, would send the plane sky high, then Henry could start it up. It was a long shot of course but Henry was happy to give it a try. They set the explosives and boom! The plane went sailing up a good 100 feet, Henry kicked open the engine and it clunkily started to fly off. Henry managed to straighten the bird up before getting a visula on his target. The battling soldiers below paused for a moment to watch the event. The Orky Bi-Plane, now piloted by Henry the simpleton flew straight, well straight enough, towards the Ork Tank. No one could do anything but stare in amazement. RRreeeeeeOOooooowwwwwwwwww………. The plane went as it started to descend and at a hellish speed now. Then… BOOM, CRASH, BAM!!!!!! The Plane hit the tank dead centre. Henry was dead. The plane was destroyed. The Tank commander was dead but the gunner and one side bolter were still operational. Back at the Bastion the Guardsmen cheered. “HOORAY FOR HENRY!!!!”

The approaching horde,especially the Orks, were now enraged by what had just happened. They called in airstrike and the Guardsmen’s small victory was soon forgotten. Wave after wave of enemy fire rained down on the Mighty 77th and trooper after trooper fell. In the first strafe alone 13 troops fell. Some hadn’t even fired their weapons. By the fourth and final air attack from the one gunship over half of the 77th force was dead. The guardsmen called in their own airstrike but their ship was too far away. The enemy called in another air attack and more troops fell. Half the command squad went down, all the catachan conscripts fell. Squad after squad of cadian guard were shot to ribbons. It was a Turkey Shoot. The veterans held their own for a while, even shot up at the attacking aircraft but it was no use. One by one they fell too. Within minutes not a single trooper remained, apart from those manning the tanks and sentinel. Also, the solid, hard as nails Dreadnought stood his ground unscathed by the rain of fire.

It was now time for the Leman Russ tanks to shine. They slowly made their move towards the enemy. The weight of victory now fell solely on the power and strength of the tanks. Shots came at them from all directions and were deflected. Their canons opened up and started to cause havoc among the enemy horde. The chaos space marines seemed to be statuesque now, un-moving. The Orks slowly pushed on, as did the Kroot but for some strange reason none seemed to eager to win the day by securing the Bastion (Primary mission). The tanks saw this as an opportunity to go after their secondary mission (Destroy the supreme commanders). They spread out, two acting as decoys while the other two found a slightly elevated position to start firing long shots in the direction of the Commanders. It was going to be a slow grind of a battle now.

The enemy landed a few good hits on the tanks, slowly but surely weakening their armour but still the masses held their position and did not close in…luckily.

A Tau Devilfish Tank came hovering up from behind some ruins and landed upon some abandoned trenches. It released a couple of Kroot warriors and their dogs. They made a dash for the front door of the Bastion but were soon scared off when they realised the door was locked. (Haha). – this is a bit of an in joke and too hard to explain but basically they didn’t get in to the Bastion –

Becoming frustrated with failed attempts at piercing the Guard tanks armour a Kroot Dog trainer derived an alternative plan. he called his only living dog to him. He strapped some heavy, high powered explosives to the dog and then whispered into it’s ear. The dog then tore off at an impressive speed towards the Tank leader, ironically called “Top Dog”. The Kroot dog leapt and then slid under the hull of the tank just as the explosives strapped to it’s body detonated. The explosion tore open the belly of tank immobilizing it but the guns still worked. The tank fired at the Kroot dog trainer and a nearby Tau commander but missed. It then turned on the Kroot at the entrance to the Bastion but missed them too.

Meanwhile some heavy attacks were being inflicted on one tank that had found itself surrounded by Orks and Tau Dreadnoughts. It survived for quite some time considering how many shots came its way and it managed to take out several enemy troops before eventually it was completely destroyed by heavy weapons.

Over on the left flank shooting at the two other tanks had intensified. In response the tanks had landed some fairly successful shots killing ground troops. The Dreadnought slowly trudged towards the enemy commanders but it didn’t inflict much damage on enemy troops with it’s flamer. Then it was decided that one of the tanks take aim on it’s own dreadnought, at the gas cylinders on its back, in the hope that the explosion would do some damage to the enemy commanders. Unfortunately only the dreadnought was destroyed. The Guard sentinel was deemed rather useless. It fired at the Kroot waiting at the door of the bastion and killed three before it was destroyed by heavy weapons. It really did nothing but look cool on the battlefield.

In an attempt to rescue the commanders and get them out of range, the Ork transport trukk picked them up, along with a Tau dreadnought and took off. It came to halt between two buildings, believing it was safe. How naive. The Guard tanks within range fired high into the air and managed to take out one of the two commanders. The Tau Dreadnought was also damaged.

The two movable guard tanks pushed forward another few yards but were then confronted by several Chaos terminators and space marines. A wall of fire came at them and one of the tanks was blow to bits. The other tank did not falter, even though it was really the only thing left capable of doing anything, it fought on gallantly. Morale was low though and victory looked to be in the hands of the baddies but then…

Despite the Chaos commander trying to flee the battlefield in weak desperation, a single shell fired from the last tank, landed close enough to kill the last Commander. Victory went to the Mighty 77th.


It was a long 5 hour battle but a very enjoyable. It was as epic as I hoped it would be with some tragic and fun surprises. I was quite disappointed when all the Guard troops were killed off easily and quickly by the airstrikes but I was exhilarated by the carnage at the same time haha. I knew it’d make one hell of a yarn too. I was so excited when Henry was successful in his kamikaze mission. I couldn’t stop laughing and had tears in my eyes when the Kroot dog trainer sent his dog, laden with explosives, sliding under a tank haha. I was also pleasantly surprised that the Guard won the battle, just, with the last remaining tank. HOORAH!

Now some pix:

Apologies they’re not in any order but I was so involved in the fighting photos and order was far from my thoughts.







16 thoughts on “My 100th Post: Allegiance – A battle Report.”

  1. First and foremost – congrats on your 100th post! I’m at 102 or something right now.

    And what a battle – bloody, chaotic, anarchic and fun. It was a good read, you captured the mood very well. I only wish that you would have mixed that wall of text with some of your pictures.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Thomas and yes I know, re pix. You mentioned it once before on a precious batrep. Believe me I like order too but it was just too hard to remember what happened and where as far as pictures. I could take notes shrug battle but I’m having too much fun haha. I need to hire a war correspondent or something haha.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hail Centurion, and three cheers for the 77th! (or what’s left of ’em anyway)

    Great read mate, sounds like a metric ton of fun, and it looks like a cracking board & lovely armies 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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