The Mighty 77th of the Imperial Guard

One of the armies I was determined to finish for my 100th post and for the big games night was The Mighty 77th Imperial Guard Regiment.

I love toy soldiers, always have, and let’s face it the Guard are the epitome of the “toy soldier”.

Even though I’ve come to appreciate other factions, especially since starting this blog, the Guard are my first love. I’ve always backed the under dog. I’ve always been fascinated by last stand or out numbered battle stories. To be able to dig deep and find courage to fight to the bitter end no matter what is the ultimate test if a human.

The 77th are, in a lot of ways, no different to every other guard regiment but to me and hopefully to you they have a lot more personality. I try to steer clear of painting generically. That said, obviously the guard are literally very uniformed but with the addition of coloured shoulder pads or tattoos plus a bit of dirt and blood I hope I’ve created some uniqueness to the whole Regiment.

The Command squad almost blends in to the rest of the 77th apart from the arrogance, let’s call it confidence, of the Commissar. Commissar Garret with his big, bright red cuffs and shiny silver plated axe stands out like dogs balls in the battlefield.


I like the vox-comms guy (Sergeant Curtis). Note the details on his map.


The infamous sniper, now known as Sergeant Gunn, is a quiet shadowy figure who keeps to himself. I eventually want to make a ghillie suit for him from bandage fabric.


The standard bearer (Sergeant Ashton) was a fun model to paint. Not an amazing job on the flag but I’m happy. Note the 5 cents glued into the bearers base to help weigh him down. Interestingly the year of the coin is 1969, an old one. Ten years older than me.


Colonel Jeremiah has been painted fairly standard, he’s a traditionalist, but I worked hard on his face. I’m really happy with his eyes and expression.


Captain Howl has a bit of bling with his gold/copper medals and shoulder pad.


A clear stand out group within a group are the veteran squads. 30 men all different from each other but with a common link. They all look hardened or even a bit battle weary. The veterans customise their weapons and clothing which adds to their overall look and feel.


The troops (x5 10 man squads) are a more uniformed but they have the coloured shoulder pads for identification and they have mud and blood spatters for effect. I don’t know why but my favourite squads are white, blue and yellow.

White squad


Blue squad


Red squad


Yellow squad


Does anyone remember what happened to Lieutenant Cassius’s face (above pic) ?

Green squad


The Catachan conscripts are not particularly unique individuals but as a platoon of 22 men they do stand out from the rest of the 77th. Their Rambo-esque style, eg. head bands and singlets plus the huge biceps make them instantly recognisable. I went for very drab colours as opposed to the normal jungle green look because, to me, conscripts are nondescript.



Now onto the Tanks.

I had a lot of fun painting the tanks. Dry brush after dry brush after dry brush was my technique followed by some detail and weathering work. I wanted them to look like they’ve  seen a few scraps but were not overly damaged. I was really pleased with the scratches on the corners of metal and also the dirt on the tracks. I think they look great, if I do say so myself. They look menacing on the battlefield and seem to instill fear into the enemy by just being there. I love psychological warfare. Haha



The last addition to the 77th is a single, somewhat, rickety sentinel. This thing was bought on eBay and was in a bit of a mess. Broken leg, missing gun and the driver/controller looked like he’d been painted by a blind person or in a rush. I wanted the sentinel to stand out a little bit to give the impression it had been salvaged or adopted from another regiment which, in a way, it has. I might write a little fluff on it eventually.

It didn’t perform too well in the big fight but I have high hopes for it down the track.


So there you have it The Mighty 77th. I love them. I will be adding an artillery unit or two and maybe even a Valkyrie one day.

I’d appreciate your thoughts, advice or angry rants…. Oh hang on that’s facebook haha. Who needs facebook when we have our hobby blogs aye?!


21 thoughts on “The Mighty 77th of the Imperial Guard”

  1. Brilliant mate, I do love a good guard army 🙂 Great job on injecting so much character into it, the extra work and attention really shows and makes all the difference. I’d add some chimera next if I were you – they are so much fun 😉

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hell yeah – that movie effing rocks! Funnily enough, I was at the British Tank Museum earlier this year, they have a great display about Fury, and more tanks than you can shake a stick at… so cool 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Good stuff – love to see a guard army on parade! The thing I like most about these guys is the plethora of bits from other kits that you have managed to use but keep it looking like an aesthetically coherent force. I have so many of those Scouts/Space Wolves bits left over from various kits, now thanks to you I know what to do with them!

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  3. Very impressive stuff mate, that’s a good cohesive looking force but with enough to keep them individual. I particularly like the guy with the chainsword and all the gore splattered up his uniform.

    A bit sick, but in a good way!

    Cheers Roger (P.S. I was born in 69!).

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Excellent stuff mate – you’ve really poured a lot of love and care into making your collection unique and giving even the lowest ranked soldiers character (particularly impressive with a horde of Imperial Guardsmen). Keep up the good work! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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