Mont’Ka Shi (killing Victory) – A Tau Force

First let me start by saying three things.

1. I don’t know a hell of a lot about the Tau.

2. Most of what you see showcased here on this post was painted by a very good officer of the law friend of mine. I painted some and assessed some wear and tear to his fantastic paint work. I like my armies to look like they’ve seen some battles. The Tau, I find, are quite pristine in their appearance, much like the Ultramarines.

3. I have really come to appreciate the Tau, well what I know of them anyway. They always seem to perform quite well on the battlefield too.

So this is my small but hard hitting Tau force I have named Mont’Ka Shi or “Killing Victory”

Commander Ten-shadow is a quiet, pensive and unsympathetic leader. His strategies often appear simplistic at first but in most scenarios there is a twist. He is cunning and steadfast. He will never surrender no matter what threat is looming.


The Broadside battle suit is fast, strong and its shooting accuracy is nothing less than impeccable. A very impressive weapon.


The Crisis Battlesuit is even faster than the Broadside but performs much better in close combat. He often acts as bodyguard to the commander.


This next chap is a mysterious one. He sometimes fights exceedingly well and other times you wouldn’t even think he was present on the field. His code name is, wait for it Patricia (I don’t know why?). He is the only model in the Tau force im not overly fond of. Too much bling. If you lot can convince me otherwise im all ears.


A Stealth Battlesuit squad. Yet to really prove themselves but I’m sure, in time, they’ll have some heroic moments. I like them though. They remind me of something, maybe from Robocop? I’m not sure… but something?!


Next we have a small effective pathfinder squad. I really like the stalking pose of the model in the first picture. It’s almost animalistic. Very cool.


Fire squad one – The Red Hornets.


Fire squad two – The Scarabs (need basing) Another good friend of mine named them Scarabs because their helmets reminded him of Scarab beetles. Great name but an even greater friend.


A Recon unit. These guys go for very long periods of time completely cut off from the rest of their small army. Often behind enemy lines too. They are well equiped, tough as nails and will utilise just about anything they get their hands on. Hence while you’ll see some non-tau gear on them. They’re also stir crazy! One other point is that they’ve also been known to fight alongside the Gue’ Vesa.

imageimageimageimageThe DevilFish is a lovely war machine. It can hover, it can glide along up to 30ft off the ground, it can rip across the ground at phenomenal speeds and it can cross or submerge in water. Brilliant. However it only has one gun, three if you include the sniper drones (Bip and Bop). Still, a good little vehicle for carting a few troops around and for striking fast and hard.





8 thoughts on “Mont’Ka Shi (killing Victory) – A Tau Force”

  1. Very nice – the war torn patched together look is becoming a bit of a trademark for you mate! Love the colour sceme for the scarabs in particular! I’ll file that away in the memory banks for future use 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks man. I’ve never liked an over polished look. Even for my own personal look. That’s my excuse anyway hahaha. I work in a professional environment but im always unshaven. My work colleagues nag me to be clean shaven and I say no! It makes makes me look war torn and over worked haha.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Cool army.
    Never had much to do with Tau myself… Though a friend has an army which he is trying to make compatible with 2nd edition. We’ll see how that goes.
    I always thought the kroot were very cool but as they have no rules in 2nd edition I haven’t really seriously looked at an army. It’s on the If I Had Unlimited Time and Money list though!

    Liked by 1 person

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