Kron Lorkers – A Kroot Warband

Kron Lorkers. The Warriors.

imageimageimageimageimageThe Kron Lorkers were once a huge tribe of Kroot. After the great siege of Cruncaarlen the Kron Lorkers were just about wiped out by an invading force of Dark Eldar. Many moons have passed since that fateful war but as no female Kroot survived the Kron Lorkers numbers only dwindled more.

Now only a small Warband remains but the fight with as much courage and gusto as any army.

Their fighting prowess is nothing less than savage and Wild. They have been know to leap onto a foe and tear away his face with their huge mouthed and razor sharp teeth.

Their main tactic in just about every conflict is to charge the enemy howling like wild banshees installing fear into their enemies. Then when they are within range some will halt, aim with their long barrelled rifles and fire. The rest of the Warband will continue their sprint and literally throw themselves into the enemy ranks. They will slash, kick, stab, punch and bite causing horrible wounds but leaving the enemy alive. Then the warriors who have done the slashing will aim and Fire while the first lot of shooters run forward and Attack with knives and teeth etc. they repeat this method until they reach the end of the enemy position. Then they stride back they way they came and finish off the wounded. If successful in battle they will feast on the dead. Both their enemies and they’re own fallen warriors will be devoured.

The KrootHounds and handlers.


The Krootox known as Falgroth and his rider. A fierce looking adversary.



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