Da Blud Lettas – A growing Ork Army

As my wordpress name hints, I’m quite partial to Orks. I like that they are simple, marauding brutes who like to steal, loot, tinker, fight, kill and just generally cause a lot of mischief. In some ways they remind me of my teenage years, apart from the killing part haha.

I start collecting Orks back in the 90’s to simply have some bad guys for my Catachans. It wasn’t until more recent years that I acquired a real appreciation for them. How could anyone not like them?!

I have two Ork armies on the go. This one, Da Blud Lettas (The Bloodletters) and the Storenfried (A German ork army) Both armies are developing and are a WIP, albeit a very slow one. As part of my Ork project(s) there is a HUGE and I mean HUGE Ork Fort as well. I hope to make the fort highly detailed with lots to see and discover once I post the photos.

On to Da Blud Lettas…

These Green Bastards are pretty much like every other standard Ork out there with one major difference, they’re mine! The plan for these guys is to have quite a large number of brute warriors ( I love infantry, must be the Guardsman in me… eerrr… you know what I mean). There will also be a large contingent of vehicles. Mostly cars and trukks and hopefully a mob (including some from Forgeworld) of Bikes!! There will also be some fly boys. One you’ll see soon on this post but I’ve also got a few Defkoptas to paint up as well and maybe a couple of weird flying machines of my own concoction. I see this army as forever expanding. There is so much character in every Ork model that I will never get tired of collecting and painting them. At this stage I’m not sure about colour scheme. I think I’ll keep it fairly random or ragtag for the time being. The German Ork army will be  in WWII German colour schemes. Blitzkrieg and Afrika Corps.

Some of these Orks were painted long ago and I will be touching them up but for now this little war-band looks ok.

First up we have a looted Tank. I had me some fun putting this bad boy together. You’ll notice that the Tank Driver is of the German Ork variety. He’s versatile that way haha. For the Canons with the exploded ends I used texta(pen) tubes. To make them look blown out I warmed up the plastic over the gas burner on the stove then pushed in a wider pen. I’m really pleased with the look. It’s kind of cartoonish haha. I plan on touching up the paint work a little. For instance I did the blood before I discovered “Blood for the Blood God” paint.


This next vehicle I bought for about $4 at a local bargain shop round the corner. To be honest I had an Ork in my pocket to sneakily check scale haha. I sanded it back with wet n dry sandpaper then painted it green, then sanded and scratched it up and then detailed it. I wanted some rust but not overkill. I like the red wheel guard. The tray is plastic and with this I dry brushed and gave it an ink wash followed by some minor metal and rust details. It’s a good little transporter but has no mounted weaponry. Orks can certainly blast away out the back though.


The B-Plane was another good find but this one was well researched. I found this one on eBay and the scale is perfect. I cut a second pilot hole/seat into it and then made it look more orky. This was my first attempt so now when I look at it I can see what I want to improve on. The overall colour for one will be different eventually. I want to use it for my German Ork Army so was thinking of giving it a Red Baron look. However I also like the idea of doing it yellow. Your thoughts and advice on this would be appreciated. I like the crew in this plane, they look whacky haha. I also like the strapping used to hold two wings together.


Onto the warrior brutes.

WarBoss GoreMukk – son of Gorgutz who lead the extinct Head Crushaz –


The troops so far…


I hope you like Da Blud Lettas.


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