Chaos Lord Hezrions Warband – The Brotherhood of Disorder – part 5

I’ve finished off more models for this forever expanding Warband.

The final part/post, which is not this one, will be filled with back stories and details on each of the nine units I have planned.

The nine units are named after the nine circles of hell from Dantes Inferno. See here…










I’ve completed six of the nine intended units. See below.

“The brotherhood of disorder”

1st unit “Limbo”

Commander Hector

Do you think his cloak needs some more work?


The Death Chaplain

His eyes are pretty creepy black slits.


Two Champions

I was very pleased how the mutated crab-claw arm turned out on the second model. I think the colours work well. I checked with my wife too as she’s an interior designer by trade hehe 


The Marines (6 in total)



2nd Unit “Lust”

Commander KazGor

We’ve seen him in one of my earlier posts and in actual fact he was the reason why I decided to build a Chaos army. I really like him.


A fallen Captain

He likes a little blood.


A Fallen Sergeant

Blood Brother of the Fallen Captain.


The Marines (9 in total)


3rd Unit “Gluttony” (NOT YET FINISHED)

4th Unit “Greed”

Commander Leopon

I like the barbaric look to him and as he doesn’t have a gun he could quite easily slot into a fantasy game.


The Tainted Sorcerer

I’m not overly happy with his eyes and may touch them up.


The Marines (6 in total)


I like the fact that the chap below has a damaged jump pack.


5th Unit “Wrath” (Terminator Squad)

Commander Kharon

I’ve shown this commander and his Terminators before. Commander Kharon is one of my favourites. I thoroughly enjoyed painting him. 


The Terminators


6th Unit “Heresy”

Commander Sorath

Only three warriors in this unit, you’ll find out why in a future post.

Commander Sorath is another stand out for me. As you can see by the amount of rust his armour and weaponry is ancient but still very effective. 


Two Champions


7th Unit “Violence”

Commander Capaneus


The Marines (17 in total)


8th Unit Fraud (NOT YET FINISHED)

9th Unit Treachery (NOT YET FINISHED)

I might add some landraiders to the army but it’s mostly about the troops.

Now gang, I need your help. I need a model, to be lord Hezrion, who is suitable to lead this nasty looking mob. He needs to have an air of nobility about him, as he is a Lord but he needs to be a nasty piece of work too. I was thinking of treating myself and spending a few bob on a Primarch from Forgeworld. Any recommendations or ideas would be much appreciated.

I hope you enjoy the post and pictures.





4 thoughts on “Chaos Lord Hezrions Warband – The Brotherhood of Disorder – part 5”

  1. Wow, these are great mate – gritty, edgy and extremely intimidating! The Termies are particularly good 🙂 Thinking about the Primarks, have you looked at Lorgar? I think he takes some beating when it comes to nobility with a bit of edge…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! so many new posts so little time to read them! All smashing stuff and the background stories you add really bring them to gritty life.

    Good stuff! (oh and I’d add some shading to the cape on Hector).

    Cheers Roger.

    Liked by 1 person

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