The Forgotten Sons – my own space marine chapter

So first, what do you think of the name?

The Forgotten Sons – kind of has an ominous feel/sound to it I think. I did consider “The Forgotten Blood-brothers” but I felt it was a bit too long and cheesy. I’m open to suggestions.

I want to build, paint and come up with a back story for my own Space Marine Chapter. I’ve looked at just buying the already established chapters but to be honest none grab me 100%.


There are elements of each that I like and I’ve seen some amazing paint work done over the web of course but I like the idea of my own Chapter.

The army is purely a conceptual idea at this stage and I have not purchase a single model for it

Founding: Unknown.

Primarch: Alleged to be Magnus the Red, not confirmed.

Home: An overly populated planetary system in the southern region of Esseron IV.

Beliefs: They are direct descendants from the Emperor. They also believe Psykers are heretics.

Tactics: Attack with a small force from the front. If necessary allow the forward assaulting team to be destroyed to instill false hope and victory into the enemy then Attack with main the force from left and right flanks.

Battle cry: Glory in Victory, Glory in Death.

Extra info: The Forgotten Sons are renowned for their many victories but the stories of battle are often untold due to how bloodthirsty they can be. Some say they bathe in the blood of their fallen enemies after battle and even devour the dead flesh. Other rumours are that they will wear, not only the armour of their foes as trophies but also their skins, bones and skulls. They are skilled in combat but fight like unruly savages. They are also known for customising their weapons and war-gear.

Colour Scheme: TBA

For their overall look i’m thinking a mic of 30 and 40k.

This is all I have so far. Some advice, actually some guidance would be appreciated. Please note that I am not interested in Codexes, rules etc.







21 thoughts on “The Forgotten Sons – my own space marine chapter”

      1. My blogs are here…

        I don’t have a great deal of GW stuff on there, just old stuff now and again. however you seem to visit the first one fairly regularly, and the second is a special we just ran for June this year (though we hope to repeat the challenge next year).

        I comment through google but my blogs are with wordpress (long story) I can comment through wordpress but have to sign in to do so.

        Cheers Roger.

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  1. A mate of mine is working on an Egyptian themed Thousand Son successor… the puppetswar bits are a perfect match if you are going down that route. There are also cool oriental bits, which I think would really stand out! Best advice I can give is to source bits and build a kill team – 200 points to nail your ‘look’. Can’t wait to see this take shape!

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  2. Some good ideas… I guess they are filled with self loathing due to being descended from psykers (the Emperor/Magnus) but hating that fact.
    One thing you might want to consider given what you have said is basing them stylistically on Aztecs rather than Egyptians, as Aztecs did have rituals where they wore flayed human skins etc (see worship of Xipe Totec for example). That would give the opportunity to use Legion of the Damned figures as well as other bones and animal furs as well for a real John Blanche sort of vibe.
    I personally think psykers are really cool though so unless it is a witch hunter theme chapter I would be inclined to have them as I think they would suit the theme. But that’s just me.
    Also worth considering is that there were 2 first founding legions whose records have been scrubbed, so if you don’t like any of the other 18 there are other options….

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  3. This is the best way to do Space Marines in my opinion – it has massive scope for being creative and molding them into ‘your’ heroes, making you care more about them on the tabletop. It also allows you to play as pretty much any successor chapter, meaning you can try the chapter tactics and see what fits your fluff before committing. Alternatively, you can adapt the different CTs to represent different parts of you chapter (i.e. your 8th Company is all devastators so they play with Imperial Fist CTs. while your 2th Company is all Religious zealots nutbags in assault squads so use the Death Company rules). Sticking to one Chapter or successor chapter can be very limiting in the long term – the number of Black Templar players I know who quit because their rules changed and they suddenly sucked….

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    1. Thanks man. I try to give all my armies a personality of their own. I think I’ve decided on the look for these guys now and all models will be non-GW. They’re expensive though so this project may take a while to be completed. In the mean time I might do a small Space Wolves army. I love those bad boys.


  4. I thought about doing my own chapter. I had the name- Swords of the Crown. I was going to do a Black Templars style chapter. Then Forgeworld released Badab War and the Carcharodons stole my heart. I’m keeping Swords of the Crown in the back of my mind for another project though.

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