The Revenant Horde of Dark Hallow – part 1

Yet another army/project I have in mind, and made a start on today, is my Revenant Horde of Dark Hallow.

This army will be a mass of ghouls, zombies (including some empire conversions) and skeleton warriors. Possibly a couple of monsters of some description too.

I have high hopes for this army as far as how they’ll look. I want to try a few different techniques out with the painting in the hope to make them look and feel very grim indeed. You can’t get grimmer than dead I suppose haha.

I think the army will work well in my Judicators (40k-ish) setting as well as Mordheim and WH Fantasy.

A couple of WIP shots of what I’ve done so far.




9 thoughts on “The Revenant Horde of Dark Hallow – part 1”

  1. looking nice mate, you should have hung on a couple of week for this and you could have join in with “Zomtober”.

    (for those who don’t know this is a month long project where the entrants paint up at least one zombie a week, for the four weeks( five this year)).

    Cheers Roger.

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