The Revenant Horde of Dark Hallow – Part 2

I’ve finished putting the zombies together and ten skeleton warriors.

I’m considering more of both, afterall the title does proclaim “horde”.

The Skeletons proved to be a little fiddly. I didn’t realise there’d been a size change since the old version of GW skeletons. The newer ones are so thin and fiddly. Once I started using superglue though it all came together fairly well and I had fun.  I found the kit to be a little limited as far as leg poses but all the options of shields, weapons and heads was cool.

One question, can anyone recommend more skeletons from another supplier that are similar in size? I’ve looked at Mantic Skeletons but they look to have too many repeats.

Some pix.



9 thoughts on “The Revenant Horde of Dark Hallow – Part 2”

  1. Nice stuff, as too recommendations the Mantic ones are pretty good really they don’t have as many variations bet the you can get a decent amount of differing poses, and I think they are better scupts than the GW ones IMHO, the Zombies are good too.

    For more variation though if you can get hold of them the Zvezda ones from the “Ring of Rule” range are probably the best, though these appear to be out of production after a little “google fu”, you might be able to find a US stockist with a box left. Though they are really fiddly as they are in so many bits, head legs arms etc.. all separate, other than that you probably have to go with metal and that opens up a whole new can of worms..

    Cheers Roger.

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  2. Just did a quick check for you comparing unassembled mantic skeletons with assembled GW ones and there isn’t much of a size difference. The main difference in scale is in the heads, the mantic ones are much smaller which makes the model look smaller overall. There’s a decent amount of variety in them though – you definitely wouldn’t end up with a mono-pose horde if that’s a worry. The models are not single piece so you can mix and match somewhat to avoid doubles.

    As an alterative have you looked at the Start Collecting box for skeletons (from GW). Only get’s you another ten skeletons but throws in one of the mortarchs and five black knights into the bargain. Or just trawl ebay – there’s often skelies going cheap.

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      1. Just took another look and I think it would work quite well. I’ve held off from using the Mantic skeletons because of the scale difference but it would be easy enough to decapitate them and replacing the heads with GW heads might just do the business. If I can lay my hands on any GW skulls in the bits box I’ll try and cobble something together to see how it looks.

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      2. Well, as it so happened I had a box of Matic Skeletons haha. I forgot I purchased a box a few months ago. The scale is ok. They’re definitely thinner and shorter limbed but not too bad. I’ll post some picks in Part 3. See what you think.

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