The Revenant Horde of Dark Hallow – Part 4

You can tell im enjoying this project due to the output of posts haha.

Some ghouls and some “empire” styled zombies plus some Mantic zombies.

The Ghouls are cool and ugly little critters aren’t they? I think I’ll be going for warmer but sickly flesh tones as opposed to the standard pale green for the Ghouls.


The Empire Zombies, in my mind, have only recently turned (few months) so they’re not as bedraggled and ragged looking as their other zombie brothers. They also still retain some basic memories and/or habits. Eg. How to fire and reload a musket. They’re a little smarter than the zombies who are older and have the ability to strategise to a degree. Nine times out of ten the strategy is fire their weapon then run at the enemy and eat their brains. As you can see the conversions consist of mostly head swaps with a little greenstuff work.


The Mantic zombies are a bit smaller in scale but still fit in well. The poses were all quite similar so I didn’t use all the zombies in the box and, like with the Skeletons, I am on the search for other manufacturers.


I’m waiting on some miniatures from overseas which may take a while and will feature in part 5 of this particular project. Stay tuned for that one kids.

In the meantime I’ll be starting, yet another, new project called…

“March of the Flies”


13 thoughts on “The Revenant Horde of Dark Hallow – Part 4”

    1. Thanks man. Yeah that particular unit has an oldye feel hehe. 30 skeletons. 47 zombies and 16 Ghouls. So 93 in total. What do you think? Am I getting close haha? I think I want/need…. Want haha, more skeletons and zombies but Ghouls not so much.

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      1. Yeah, I kind of knew that but it’s one of those that I have a blind spot for, and I got it wrong. Rather than ‘fess up, I thought I’d make a joke of it to spare my embarrassment. Spelling isn’t my strong point I’m afraid 🙂

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  1. Nice work mate – yes the Empire troops mesh well with the Zombies. I started a few years ago in a friend’s Human Blood Bowl Team’s livery to use with my Undead Team…

    If you’re after some extremely cool Ghouls that put GW’s current ones to shame, check out Heresy miniatures’ ones. I know you like plastic and to convert and customise and these are metals, but they’re bloody nice.

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