Respect where respect is due

I’m not a HUGE fan of the Tau. They’re ok but not amazing.

However, respect where respect is due.

A fairly large force (The Mighty 77th) of Imperial Guard descended upon a small Tau encampment. The It was night and the land and Sky was blacker than black can be. The only light came from the Tau’s heat pods. Their few sentries failed to see the IG until they were set upon and a rain of lasfire came their way. A Russ battle tank opened up on them from a mile away and caused some wary carnage. The Tau, to be honest didn’t stand a chance and their defences crumbled easily.

It wasn’t long before only a few Tau warriors remained but one survivor was Supreme leader Mor’ Ga So. With his battle staff poised and ready to strike he strode forward on a one Xenos mission to take out as many guardsmen as he could before his own inevitable demise.

His move forward inspired the five other Tau warriors to fight to the death. One of them shot dead two Cadians before he was dropped by the Cadian Sniper. Sadly, for the Tau, the other troopers caused no damage on the guard and were taken out by the sniper as well.

A pretty bleak battle for the Tau but as mentioned respect where respect is due.

Mor’ Ga So took on a ten man unit (blue squad) and killed a grand total of eight guardsmen in hand to hand combat. One after the other took the Tau leader on and soon feel decapitated or split in two by his battle staff. Finally a lowly grunt managed to bayonette the grizzled old warrior through his throat killing him instantly. Id it hadn’t been for the pure hatred the guardsmen had for the Tau they would have possibly burried him, instead they spat on him and matches on.

However, me IRO, do have a new found respect for the Tau Commander.



4 thoughts on “Respect where respect is due”

      1. Naw, they are rubbish in CC but as it is a game of dice, every once in a while they do shine. I had some terrible losses against them, the fish people once took out my Maulerfiend in assault. Another time a freaking Lictor. Hahaha.

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