The King and the Jester

Did a little hobbying today. Finally put together the HellBrute from the Dark Vengeance box. A great model full of life and character but felt he needed something a little more. As the HellBrute will be joining my Chaos Army (The Brotherhood of Disorder) I thought it only fitting I give him a pet Cultist. A simple head swap and BOOM the HellBrute King has a Jester. Note the barbed wire leash and also the skeletal rat dog thing. I was going to leash the skeletal pet to the cultist to be ironic but decided against it. Too fiddly haha. I’ve also started on some Nurgle Terrain for my Match of the Flies project “coming soon”.

I hope you like this simple idea as much as I do. Oh and I when I paint this mini diorama the Jesters face will be Joker (Heather Ledger) style. His clothing will be Harlequin style.


Oh and why the poor sod is leashed to such a monster I don’t know haha but it works for me.


21 thoughts on “The King and the Jester”

  1. You’re going to paint his costume “Harlequin” style… so glittery hot pants black tights and a tight T-shirt with “Daddy’s little monster” on???

    Looking forward to that! 😉

    Cheers Roger.

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  2. That’s extremely twisted mate! You’d almost think from looking at that that Chaos are the bad guys! It certainly made me wonder what was happening. Is the cultist a favoured pet of the Helbrute, perhaps someone who cleans and cares for it and is therefore spared its murderous rage (like those birds that pick parasites from between crocodile’s teeth and in exchange don’t get eaten)? Is it a rite of passage to run ahead of the Helbrute into the thick of battle, with survivors awarded great prestige from their comrades – perhaps even inducted into the ranks of the Chaos Marines themselves? Or is it a willing sacrifice – the cultist knows that the Helbrute will turn him to pulp but he goes willingly, knowing that if he does this his soul will be devoured and he will attain onement with the gods? Is his task simply to get the attention of the rampaging brute and then lead it towards the enemy and away from the Chaos Marines who have kept it caged up (and who might otherwise be deserving of its bloodthristy rage)? And why do it dressed as a jester?

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    1. Hmmm… I like the leading it to the enemy and away from the Chaos warriors idea so maybe the “jester” is there to calm the brute as well as lead him. The way he calms the brute is by entertaining him with simple acts like juggling skulls, eating fire and acting like a clown. These simple tasks intrigue the brute enough to stabilise him before he is lead into the front lines of the enemy. The jester is often and expectantly crushed or slain in the first moments of battle so a new jester is appointed each time. Always donning the jester hat.

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      1. I can just imagine the Chaos marines sulkily scouring the wreckage of the battlefield whilst the Chaos Lord shouts at them “Nobody leaves this planet until we find the lucky jester’s hat!” (actually if that’s a bit silly and Orky for you and you want something darker have you considered that the Helbrute might be blind and follows the sound of the little bells on his jester’s hat).

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  3. Great idea for a mini conversion. And if the jester has the character of the joker as well as his face have to ask the question, is the joker the hell beast pet, or is the hell beast the jokers pet. Can’t wait to see this painted!

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