The King and the Jester… a symbiotic relationship… kind of.

Yesterday I put up a post, see below this one, called The King and the Jester. A few commented but it was Mr Wudugast who made me start to think about the reason why the Jester is chained to the Hellbrute King?

The whole thing had me thinking about Gungans and the people of Naboo. NO, not because I have a thing for chicks with weird head dresses and crazy lipstick or for over sized toads who can’t act for shit and should never have been allowed to set foot on a Star Wars set. No it was more along the lines of their Symbiotic Relationship, thanks for the lesson Qui-Gon Jinn. He also taught myself and young Darth all about midichlorians but that is another story.

Some examples of a Symbiotic relationship…


As we all know the 40k HellBrute (I prefer two L’s and a capital B, call me crazy) is a warped and twisted Chaos Dreadnought with a deranged and bloodthirsty soul encased inside. I’ve decided that MY HellBrute is great at killing, destroying and all out bloodshed but not too good with navigation, orienteering, reading a map or plain old general direction. Therefore he needs a helping hand. Now, of course, any Chaos Loyalist, Cultist or Marine could easily do the job but lets be honest just about anyone can lead a donkey to water or something like that. The trouble is MY HellBrute has a bit of a temper and when I say “a bit” I mean he’s as angry as a virgin who’s mum just banned him from the internet for a week.


It was decided, most probably among those Chaos Lords who have a darker sense of humour,(I’m looking at you Fabius Bile) that the HellBrute King would need to be subdued to a certain level before he could be lead in the right direction towards the enemy. So a position became vacant for a HellBrute Jester. The Job add read something like this.


Wanted: HellBrute Jester.

The Role: Minder/Entertainer/Therapist/Handler

The Requirement: We are looking for someone with a great sense of humour, able to build rapport quickly, hard working, loyal-ish, good with animals, capable of telling left from right, back from front and has a mechanical aptitude. Also, preferably, someone not afraid to get his hands dirty or bloody and has no fear of inevitable death.

The Pay: Well below award wages… in fact your payment will be the honour of serving a Chaos weapon of mass destruction.

Please note that it is expected that you wear a uniform (Basically a Jesters hat, possibly some fancy pants) at all times while on duty. 


As you can imagine not many, in fact none, jumped at the chance so, again, the Chaos Lords decided it would be a forced volunteer kind of thing. Sort of like when you have to babysit your younger sibling.

Just to make things easier, or worse, depending on how you look at it, the Jester(s) would be chained to the Brute just in case any mind changing by the “volunteer” arose.

If… when the Jester is killed either by the enemy, but more than likely by the HellBrute, a new volunteer is selected immediately.


So there you have it folks.

Now can I get any volunteers? Let me see a show of hands people…



4 thoughts on “The King and the Jester… a symbiotic relationship… kind of.”

      1. Aww thanks, though the idea of leading one of those armoured brutes around is, well not the most appealing job I’d like. I mean, there are worse but I figure I’ve a few options left. Plus I hear the current Jester’s, job satisfaction scores were through the roof. Always helps to have a Dark Apostle nearby, raising morale through
        -cough- non-violent means 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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