The Crooked Man – Act II

Tick… Tack… Tick


Along comes the Crooked Man, dark, mysterious and sinister…

He takes what he wants…….


The Mother screams when she sees that her twin boys have gone from their beds. All that is left are twin spots of blood on the starched white bed sheets.

The Father reached for his scythe hanging by the door but suddenly the door cracks open enough steely, rusted but razor sharp talons to rake across the Fathers wrist. With a cry of fear more than pain the Father stumbles away and falls to the floor.

A yard away, the Mother is on her knees crying and praying.

They both watch, wide eyed, as the door creaks open wider but very slowly.

They see a man, nay, a creature! Tall, thin, bent, twisted…Crooked.


In a whispered but guttural voice that seams to pierce their very souls the crooked man tells them… “The children belong to me now“…….

Frozen with fear the parents can do nothing but stare after the Crooked man as he turns and slowly walks away…


Tick… Tack… Tick… Tack… Tick………




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