The Crooked Man – Act III


I am at a loss dear wife as it is a dark time for our people. The children of the town are disappearing along with other poor souls and I am at a complete loss with what to do. I have searched, Lord have I searched, for the missing people of our humble town but I have found nothing of them. Not even a clue as to where they have gone or how, dare I say, they met their end.

I have heard all the rumours and have even visited the deranged people at the Asylum. They are sad, empty folk  who say they have seen the Devil first hand and that it is a steely eyed Demon who is steeling our people. That’s all I have to go on my dear Elisa. A few sightings of moving shadows and the ramblings of mad men. Although, what has stayed with me is the misery of the Browns. You remember them, Mrs Brown taught our Madeline how to weave and together they made that basket for you before you…….

Anyway, good people, the Browns. Their twin boys were taken just a fortnight ago. Before they spiraled into insanity Mr and Mrs Brown came to me directly, pounded on my door and begged for help. I did all I could. I along with, my good friend and colleague, the Sheriff Cornelius Garrett searched the town the fields and surrounding forests but could find no trace of their beloved sons. I was confounded. I returned only yesterday. I am tired, drained and lost my love. While I was gone I have learned that the Post Master, Henry Smythe, has disappeared now. I have prayed to the point of exhaustion but alas no answer has been given, no path shown. What am I to do my love? I am the Magistrate of our town, our home. I am looked upon to lead, to know what to do but I am lost, we are lost. I feel certain doom is imminent unless I can think of something…..



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