The King and the Jester. Project complete.

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageI’m very proud of this little project.

From concept to the finish product I feel I’ve nailed what I set out to achieve.

I played around a lot with colours, blends and different washes.

I took my time with this one, adding a bit of dry brush here and there or detailing some partially bloodied spike.

My wife could tell I was enjoying this piece because I kept hassling her for feedback haha.

I love the details on the HellBrute and didn’t realise just how cool the sculpt was until I started painting him.

I think this piece will fit really nicely into my Chaos – Brotherhood of Disorder – Army.

Without sounding arrogant I feel like this is my best paintwork so far.



26 thoughts on “The King and the Jester. Project complete.”

  1. As with everyone above, I think this looks awesome! The paintwork is excellent, especially some of the blends on the hellbrute’s spine and flesh and the scene is well composed, right down to the details on the base. I personally dislike the Hellbrute as a model, but this has made me think again, the addition of a “handler” really changes the whole feel of it. Y’know that “Blanchitsu” section White Dwarf used to have in the back; this wouldn’t look out of place in it.

    I really like some of the camera shots as well, so for what it’s worth, nice camera skills too.

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    1. Wow thanks Matt. What a compliment to say it’s Blanchitsu worthy. In stoked you think so. To be honest I didn’t really appreciate the model until I put it together and painted it. There are lots of cool little details which tend to go overlooked when I’ve seen the model painted in the past. Thanks again.


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