The Crooked Man – Act IV

The Crooked Man Act IV

The good people of Beckenthorpe gathered eagerly outside of the town hall as rain started pelting down from the black clouds above. Finally a plan of action was to be taken in direct response to the kidnappings of children and adults in the town.

The Magistrate, Arthur Westland, coughed to clear his throat and to quieten the whispers from the crowd.


I don’t know who… Or what, is terrorizing our fair town. I don’t know why or even how they are doing it so unseen but the fact of the matter is it is happening. People are disappearing involuntarily and our beloved children seem to be the most at risk of being snatched. I, as your Magistrate, but more so as a fellow concerned citizen have devised a plan. Albeit a simple and straight forward plan but it is all myself and my advisers could decide upon.

We have employed and gathered together a search party. As many of you know I have searched our region and have found no clue to the whereabouts of our missing kinfolk. However I am not a tracker, a huntsman or a soldier.

The men we have employed are… Well they’re not all from this town, although you may know of them. Some you know including our fine and well respected Sheriff Garrett, who as you know had his wife and son stolen from him many moons ago.

All of them will bring skills to the party and I have faith that with all of their experience and skills combined we will get some answers at least and hopefully find our missing friends and family. I will be leading the search party myself as it is my duty but also my want. I too want answers. I too hope to rescue our friends from whatever despair they are in.

Now let me introduce you to the brave men who will help us in our quest for truth.

Sheriff Cornelius Garrett. A man of the law, a protector and defender of good. A man of honour and high moral value. A friend to us all and a close and dear friend of mine.


Lord Cedric Beaufort the 2nd. A nobleman who we all know gives just as much back to our community as he profits from it. His family has lived in these parts for centuries and he, above all other Beaufort’s, has become a true hero of the people. He has fought at the front of many a War and battle for us. He has helped build infrastructure for our town and is a true patriot. I for one feel better for having him with us.


Father Darkmoore. A man of God and a man of the people too. Who among you has not been helped in some form or another by this humble and selfless man? He cares nothing for himself only for our God and for the people of Beckenthorpe. He will bring the faith to our small, brave party and help protect us against Demons living and otherwise.


Now, this next man is a friend to few and an antagonist to many but… But my friends he is a warrior. Yes he fights like an animal. Yes he even lives like and animal and yes he smells as bad as an animal but he is a hunter from the old times. He can track anything and has a sixth sense for survival. He will be a true ally for us when we are out in the wild and if we find ourselves in a fight. Good people of Beckenthorpe, I give you Mad Wil Bromley.

– there were a few distasteful but restrained murmurs from the crowd –


Mr Stormweather you all know as a man who was once a hero of our town after leading a successful counter attack during the battle of Scanlon. Unfortunately for him the drink took hold and he became a wreck of a man and turned to burglary. Now, needless to say, he isn’t to be trusted but with promise of release from prison with full pardon he has chosen to join our mission. He is, after all, the best marksman with a pistol.


Dr Casspare, our beloved town Surgeon will be joining us. In the even of any mishap or wounds we will need his skilled and steady hands to help mend us and see us on our merry way. He is also a crack shot with a musket and not too bad with a blade as well.


Next we have the four brothers from our neighbouring town Ickleton. They are scoundrels, they are thieves, they are womanizing, low moral drunkards who only care about themselves and each other. Why, I hear you ask, would I want them with us then? I’ll tell you why. They are the best swordsman in the land. They are fast, cunning and more skilled with a blade than any man we know. They are also, along with Lord Beaufort, helping to fund this quest.

I give you the four brothers. Oswald, Edwin, Rupert and Roland Harrington.


Oswald Harrington


Edwin Harrington


Rupert Harrington


Roland Harrington


Now my friends, the last two additions may stir fear or, at least, some concern, in you. They are from a distant land but one we know all too well. They are the giant men from Arafa. One of our most feared enemies. These two men quit their legion and have become mercenaries. We will need strength out there in the unknown. They also bring with them a savagery that no man from our land has. It is in their nature to be the aggressor, to be bloodthirsty. The only thing they respect is gold and we have cut a deal with them.

People, meet Boris the Bloody and Haldor the Terrible.

Boris the Bloody


Haldor the Terrible


Our small band will venture forth in search of answers and, God willing, we will find our loved ones.



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    1. Thanks Alex. The last two models, which are my favourite, are from MOM Miniatures.Wudughast got me onto them. Some are from Wargames Foundry and others are from Trent Miniatures. All are lead apart from the last two. I really enjoyed painting them. Stay tuned for this ongoing saga.

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