Le Carnaval De Macabre – I

The circus, the freak show and the carnival can be a place of magic and wonderment but there is also something a little uneasy and dark about such venues and events. The mistreatment of animals, the creepy magicians, the bearded women and so called freaks that were poor unfortunate souls shunned by society. Not to mention the clumsy, child-like and playful clowns that come across scarier than friendly due to their, almost fiendish, makeup.

A recent post of mine called The Jester and the King, conjured up thoughts of carnivals and the such. That project was destined for my Chaos Army but the concept took me off on a tangent that had my imagination running wild with ideas. Much like the Judicators project I’ve been chipping away at this new one, Le carnaval de macabre (The carnival of freaks), will be a large ongoing project.

I’ve also started developing my own segment of the universe for my creations. A world within the 40k world that is a prickly blend of fantasy and 40k. More on this another time.

So, the Jester and the King will now be one of the main attractions at Le carnaval de macabre. Along with “The Clowns”.










Note that they all wear Red shoes, a nod to the traditional red clown over-sized shoe.

Mr Giggles is my favourite but I also like Polo a lot although I am wondering if he looks too much like a cross between Uncle Fester and Kiss haha.

Just because I want another look at the Jester and the King plus thy’re apart of the same project/warband now, here there are again…

Any thoughts, feedback and ideas are much appreciated.





17 thoughts on “Le Carnaval De Macabre – I”

  1. You could add small miscievious demons as additional figures?
    Or push the circus theme to strong men and acrobats. Beast tamers and fire breathers…
    It’s a great idea and whilst clearly some form of heresy is a foot I can see things like this being quite the draw in the lower levels of hive worlds!

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