The Crooked Man – Act V

I cannot keep doing this! I am a good man. You have tainted my soul by making me do these things. I am destined for eternal damnation. Is that not enough?

Please bring them back to me. Surely I have given you so much?


– it will never be enough for my thirst and the thirst of my conservators is insatiable. You will keep leading me to them or I will feast upon those who you hold most dear. –

Nooooo, I beg you, keep them safe. That was our… “Arrangement”…

– then stick to it damn you! Tell me, is the Magistrate taking a course of action? Tell me everything –

Is there no end to this hell? Yes, they… We want our friends and family back or at least to know what has become of them. The Magistrate and I have formed a rescue party of sorts.

– heheeheerrr… There is nothing left of them. Even their bones I fed to my conservators. Heheeheerrrrrrrrr… You will lead this pitiful band to us and we shall devour them all. –

But I….

– SILENCE! I will eat your child’s limbs first Mmm tasty and ripe. Such sweet meat. –

No!! I will do as you ask, just don’t hurt them.


Sheriff Garrett, with his head hung low, slowly walked away from the decrepit beast that ruled over him. The smell of the thing that was once a man clung to the Sheriffs nostrils and bile came to his mouth. He felt so alone, so helpless and ashamed but what could he do? If he didn’t do as his Master wished his beloved family would be doomed.


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