Nurgle from the ground up – March of the Flies Part 1


Buboes, phlegm, blood and guts! Boils, bogeys, rot and pus! Blisters, fevers, weeping sores! From your wounds the fester pours.

Oh yes! What’s not to like about Nurgle. To date I haven’t done a lot with Nurgle apart from some Plaguebearers a while back which turned out better than expected. It’s a faction I’ve been very much interested in though. Especially from a modelling point of view. I feel it allows for a lot of freedom and a lot of gore and goo.

My best friend wrote a song, a musical piece actually, and recorded it some years ago. He called it March of the Flies. Straight away the title and the music conjured up visuals of a Fly army/swarm. I pictured them Marching much like in this music clip.

Now all these years later with the help of a little Nurgle I have plans to bring my fly visuals to life. As per usual my imagination has run away, disappeared into a very dark forest for some time until it was captured by officials from a mental asylum. In the confines of my padded cell I have developed the Flies idea into, what will be, a small Nurgle force with a heavy Fly influence.

Ive bought several things for this project and have a couple more things to purchase. Having trouble finding fly heads though. So if anyone has spare fly heads around let me know.

I decided to start the project off from the ground up. Namely, terrain. I still have some more dry brushing and detailing to do but I am liking what I’m seeing so far.


Orignally the terrain was going to hold the few models I had in mind but now there will be several more models. I might be able to squeeze them on, if not, more terrain whoop whoop! Yes I just whooped with excitement and im ok with that.




12 thoughts on “Nurgle from the ground up – March of the Flies Part 1”

  1. There’s something weirdly hypnotic about those marching hammers isn’t there? It’s like a lucid nightmare for nails! And I have to confess that the first time I read this my half awake brain thought “Wow, his best friend is in Pink Floyd!”

    Anyway, returning to miniatures – that terrain looks excellent, can’t wait to see the Nurgly-goodness that’s going to populate it. What have you made the “ground” from and how did you create the vivid, toxic greens?

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    1. Wow I wish he was in Pink Floyd haha. I used several different washes and emptied a green ink pen. Two actually. I also used some old green house paint. A bit of everything really. Plenty of sand for texture and also Nurgle Rot of course. I’m considering another board now because I don’t think all the models I have planned will fit.

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