Is it ok to play with yourself?



Hahaha I love a loaded Headline.

No, I’m not asking if it’s ok to masturbate, we all know the answer to that one I’m sure.

What I’m really asking is, do any of you wargame on your own?

Due to these facts:

1. I am a people person during the day but a hermit at night.

2. I don’t want to join a club because I’m too busy dammit and I don’t have a Gandalf Beard. (See what I did there aye?)

3. All my friends are not really into it, they just humour me.

I don’t play the game much.

However im thinking, more for the sake of narration/fluff, I might have a few solo games.

I love Chess and used to practice by playing myself over and over. Sometimes I had to cheat to win, yeah figure that one out!

I’d like to hear your thoughts people.

I guess I could just set my little men up, take photos and tell a story but I like the way action naturally unfolds in a game. I don’t think Id capture any essence if I faked it.

17 thoughts on “Is it ok to play with yourself?”

  1. I’d say it’s fine, as long as you don’t mind your other half giving you funny looks! It might even help to get some practice/knowledge of the game in before you start playing with other people. I hope all is well with you 🙂

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  2. The only problem you’d run into it’s always knowing what your opponent is planning. This being said it’s still a good way to practice the mechanics of the games and testing strategies to see how various units or weapons work against things.
    My advice would be to join a club tho, I joined my first club about six months back after about 25 odd years of gaming and its been great, I’ve played more games in six months than I have in the last ten years…

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  3. Nah, not for me mate – that’s valuable paintin’ time! I did go to a club for a while a couple of years ago, but only really played 40k, and I kind of went off it… turns out I enjoy painting/creating more than list building and getting thumped! These days I mostly game with a fellow lead-head, (mostly Frostgrave at the mo), sometimes with the kids (40k-lite), and at the odd event like BOYL (2 great games of Rogue Trader in the summer). Maybe this will change as I get more time next year 🙂

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  4. I’d say ‘yes’, it can be a lot of fun but on the whole I tend to agree with Alex – that’s time I could be painting! Then again I’ve found that painting and converting is much more my speed and my interest in gaming has waned. Years ago when I used to playtest games pretty much every game I played was against myself, because it was all about testing specific unit combinations and so forth, and so I can see that for a competitive or tournament gamer there could be an appeal in solo-gaming to fine tune an army. However most of the games that stick out in my memory years on are the ones I played against other people. I also wonder if I would have learned to play 40k properly if I’d had someone to teach me, instead of just getting frustrated with its awkward, clunky, abstract rules and giving up. In spite of all that my advice would be to give it a go though, I did really enjoy a lot of my solo-gaming and at the end of the day what’s have you got to lose?

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    1. I agree with getting frustrated. I’m my own worse enemy. I want to learn it properly but woukd prefer someone patient to show me. Preferably not in a shop or club. Anywho, I’ll give it a crack with my own summarised and bastardised set of rules haha. Thanks mate.

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  5. I don’t game on my own, no, but I’m not about to pass judgement on those who do.

    I think for me the social/adversarial element is just too significant a part of enjoying everything fully. You certainly ‘Can’ play on your own, but for me it’s just never felt as good as with someone else (there’s something in that sex analogy…..).

    So much of the rest of the hobby is done alone (build/paint/read/buy) that I don’t feel a need to eliminate human interaction from the one remaining part that cries out for it.

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  6. Often thought about it over the years but I’ve never done it. Having said that I have a regular opponent and we usually play about 2 games per week (2nd ed 40k of course!).

    There are lots (and lots) of resources around for solo wargaming and whilst they are mostly aimed at historicals they may help you with.some ideas to make the games more interesting.

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  7. I haven’t played 40k in years now, mostly due to the rules slowly drifting from a system I knew and understood into a right clusterfuck of a mess. At some stage I’ve been planning to build my own hybrid based around 3rd, 5th and bits of the newer stuff in order to allow newer forces and units. That’s a bit off track though, especially since I rarely get to game at all lately as I lack any regular opponents who are dedicated to miniatures. My “gaming time”, then, has been via PS4 rather than the tabletop.
    I have played myself in the past, though not with regularity. It’s an interesting exercise compared to normal gaming against an opponent – trying to keep your mind “clean” and not really plan ahead, while making each side’s moves essentially as reactive as possible.
    There are of course quite a few miniatures boardgames that feature solo rules. Space Hulk and Zombicide immediately jump to mind.

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