The Revenant Horde of Dark Hallow – Part 5

Like a lot of us I’m a fan of horror movies. I grew up, sneakily, watching Freddy Kruger and Childs Play movies at my mates house. My mum and dad didn’t let me watch any horror movies until I was about 14-15 but my friends mum and dad did haha. Funny how, as a kid, I thought my friends parents were so much cooler than mine because of this now, as a Dad, I get it.

Horror movies, for me, go from one extreme to the next. I watch an amazing horror movie one night and my love and passion for the genre is ignited. Then another night I watch the lamest horror movie ever and lose the will to live!

My theory on this is, you can’t have a good horror without a good story.

I like a horror that has gore of course but it needs to have a good story and plenty of tension and I don’t mean “oh my God look out behind you” kind of tension. No, I mean holy fuck everything is so dark and the only noise we can hear is the weeping and chuckling and childlike whispers of some unseen monster. I want my imagination to run wild with what the “thing” will be and I do not want to be disappointed when I do see it.

People, one such movie that did all this for me and more was/is a movie called The Descent.

Directed by Neil Marshall, who has hit the nail on the head more than once with movies like Dog Soldiers (OMG SAS werewolves hunting soldiers), Doomsday and also some very cool tv shows like Blacksails and Westworld. The Descent has a double edged meaning when a group of, not to bad on the eye, ladies descend down into a very dark, dank and ominous cave for a bit of a laugh but soon find themselves in all sorts of bother.

Before I go any further, incase you haven’t seen this movie SPOILER ALERT!!!!

So our heroines start getting hunted by these grotesque, blind, albino, wet looking, very fast moving, cannibalistic creatures that have learned to live in the deepest darkest depths of the earth. Sounds wanky right? It’s so not!

Wow, I bet you weren’t expecting a movie review haha.

Anyway, I love the movie and it was definitely the inspiration behind my Ghouls.

They are blind and hunt by sense of smell mostly but also by sound. They hunt in packs, working as one, moving as one but once they find their prey it’s every Ghoul for themselves as they tear and rip flesh and feast upon it. Some carry crude weapons like fragments of sharp bone but most use their long, hardened finger nails and razor sharp teeth to kill.

They are wild animalistic monsters who, once set loose, will tirelessly hunt and kill and eat for days until everyone of them is fed.

They mostly come out at night… Mostly.


15 thoughts on “The Revenant Horde of Dark Hallow – Part 5”

  1. Very cool – the pics in particular, but sweet minis too dude. Glad I’m not the only person in the world who enjoyed Dog Soldiers! “Where’s Spoon?” “There is no Spoon…” Brilliant 🙂

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      1. Alex; Dog Soldiers is an amazing film, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise – those fools at the Oscars don’t know a good thing when it’s staring them in the face!

        IRO; as others have already said those are wonderfully atmospheric shots, the miniatures are grand in themselves but in combination with the terrain, the lighting and the photography they become outstanding. In many ways this hobby is about capturing a little slice of what we imagine and making it real and you’ve certainly more than accomplished that. 🙂

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  2. I’ll just echo the previous commenters on pretty much everything. Great painting and great photography, and as for Descent…argh, that movie was one of the scariest I’ve ever seen. It would’ve been terrifying merely for claustrophobia already, but then when you add in the ghoulish cannibals…yeesh.

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