Le Carnaval De Macabre – II

Ever heard of “Tent Boxing”


It started towards the end of the 1800’s in the UK, caught on in the U.S and here in Australia. Basically it involved trained boxers, some good and some bad, pitting themselves against any punter with the balls to take them on. There was prize money involved which the punter very rarely scored. The tent boxing troupe would be a part of the carnival or circus and was often a very bloody affair.

It was banned in the U.K and U.S for being too violent but guess what? Us Aussies still have a couple of troupes touring around desert and mining towns.

I find the whole thing kind of intriguing. It reminds me of the gladiatorial history of Rome and Greece.

In my 40K world the tradition is still going strong but has evolved into a whole new level of violence. It’s a fight to the death every time and there are no rules and there is no honour. However there is a very valuable prize if you win, you get to walk away with your life.

Le Carnaval De Macabre has its own troupe of fighters and here is the star of the show. A true legend.

The Executioner…







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