Kharn you lovely but expensive bastard!

I’m in love with Kharn.

There, I said it. He’s one bad arse dude, as im sure you all know. I’m a little slow on the uptake at times haha.

I love him.

I want him.

I need him.

Ok now I’m even weirding myself out.

I like the old school miniature and the new rendition.

As mentioned in a previous post I will be building a World Eaters War-Band. I’ve already decided on the overall look and feel of the army and I’ve already ordered bits and pieces.

I want the Kharn mini but can I really justify spending so much money on a single miniature?

The cheapest I have found for the vintage Kharn is $40 (aud) including postage from the UK.

The cheapest new version of Kharn I’ve found is $45.

Im curious to know how much YOU have spent on a single miniature?

The other thing you need to bear in mind, when it comes to me, is that I rarely play the game. I’m more of a collector, painter, converter etc.

I think my mind is made up. I can’t have a World Eaters War-Band without the great man. It’s that simple dammit!

14 thoughts on “Kharn you lovely but expensive bastard!”

  1. Oh now this is a tough one, how much can you justify to yourself on a single figure? I guess you have to ask yourself just how much you really want it, this is something I’ve had to face myself on many occasions. As a converter of miniatures myself, this just compounds the problem as you might be spending what many people would consider a ridiculous amount of hard earned on a figure, just to take the scalpel to it to build something else! (a good example here is the Heroklix figure of the controller I bought to use as the base for my “Ram-man” Masters of the universe figure that I ended up just using his face of (and half of that was covered), luckily he only cost me 49pence, but you can see how this could easily spiral out of control.

    As for the most I’ve spent on a 28mm figure that I had to have, I think the two figures I used as a base for a superhero conversion (two versions of the same character, if you see what I mean), that I ended up buying from the US (over to the UK) ended up costing me about £18.00 UKP in the end, and as I say I then took the hacksaw to them.

    My final advise is if you have to have them, go for it, it’s cheaper than a cocaine habit! (unless you also have a cocaine habit in which case get help for that first, then buy the figures).

    Hope this help, but it probably doesn’t

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. Thanks Roger. I think my mind is made up. We only live once. As Alex said I make sure all the bills are paid first then why not aye? No cocaine habit here just a growing addiction to these little miniature folk.


  2. Well, I only spend what I can afford, so I’m never too worried about it – just as long as the bills are covered and the kids are fed then what the hell! Or you can always convert your own if you’re worried 🙂

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  3. I think the most I’ve spent on a single model (infantry type) is about 180 SEK or 20 euro. I’d say go for it. It still cheap than a Friday night pub crawl (like I ever do one of those any more). Khârn is bloody awesome. Don’t hesitate just do it.

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  4. I’d say if you want something and you can afford it; go for it! I’m all for financial prudence, and not wasting money, but at the end of the day you want to spend your life being happy and if buying Kharn will bring you pleasure then go for it! And if you can’t afford it maybe consider selling the kids?

    Another possibility is to keep an eye out for a damaged model on ebay, I snagged Kharn for c.£5 (max) because he was minus an arm, then picked up enough bits to replace it for (tops) a couple of pounds more. A lot of people want their classic models to be ‘mint’ so the price often drops dramatically once they’re looking a bit knackered. Nothing a convertor can’t fix though!

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    1. That’s all true! I did see one where the paint job was awful. Thick and globby like a bling two year old Sloth painted it. I could spruce him back up. Or yeah, sell the kids. Without sounding like I’m loaded, which I’m not, the money isn’t the issue. I mean I have the money for it but it’s a lot of money for a 28mm piece of metal haha. I think I am decided though. I’ll keep hunting. Cheers Wudu.

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  5. Sure, plenty of times. I see buying a really nice model that I like no more or less frivolous than, say, buying a pair of shoes I like but don’t really know, even though I know I’ll get plenty of use out of them. 🙂 If you look at it from a cost versus time you get out of the miniature in terms of fun you’ll have painting and gaming with it, then the cost versus benefit ratio is extremely favorable.

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      1. Yes, I took a break from miniatures so I could concentrate on some classes that I found hard and wanted to do well in. The classes are done so I am picking back up with the hobby. 🙂

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