With a Rebel Yell – Rogue One review. No spoilers. I wouldn’t do that to you.



The last twelve months have gone so quick. I can’t believe I just watched my second, new release, Star Wars movie in such a short amount of time. It took me back to when they re-released the original three back in the late 90’s.

I don’t often swear on this blog as I feel it’s not the best way to get across my thoughts on miniatures BUT – Fucking hell Rogue One was Great!!

I had some mild concerns going into it as I didn’t want it to be a teeny bopper type action movie like the Hunger Games. I was also worried it might just be very, very cheesy.

From start to finish I was captivated by the whole thing. Obviously all the effects were top notch but there was the same grittiness to it as there was in the original three and Episode 7.

Essentially, it is a War movie. It took the audience and Star Wars fans down to the grunt level of fighting in a galaxy far, far away. The action was intense but what really made this movie stand out, for me, was the clever and well executed plot. Episode 4 always had a slight shadow hanging over it’s head in regards to the convenience of having a weak spot on the Death Star. Now, with Rogue One, we have the reason why and it has brought it all together, very simply but perfectly.

There are some fantastic characters in this movie that are both unique and intriguing. Full credit to all the actors portraying them even those with smaller bit parts. They really brought their roles to life. It really did feel like we were seeing how the average Joe was dealing with whole conflict.

Rogue One wasn’t trying to out do any of the main films in the franchise but at the same time it paid homage to them. It was not cheesy at all, actually there was one  small camio that I thought was pointless.

I thoroughly enjoyed this addition to the Star Wars saga and it has left me wanting more, more, MORE!!

I’ll give it five, very easy, stars!!!!


12 thoughts on “With a Rebel Yell – Rogue One review. No spoilers. I wouldn’t do that to you.”

  1. I got my hope up for this one. The Force Awakens was pretty awful and crappy with its weak plot and rampant nostalgia. But this movie feels like someone made a movie out of a great RPG adventure.

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      1. Given Rogue 1 was not so much a remake of the older Star Wars movies (which is fair enough to bring in new audiences who do not know all about the lore) I found it more original. The space battles were also more impressive and innovative in Rogue 1, so were the ground scenes. The Darth Vader scenes were just the icing on the cake. All in all there is just so much more fresh, exciting stuff in Rogue 1 that I feel it was the better movie.
        Last year’s release had the nostalgia factor going for it, which Rogue 1 did not, so I would watch both again and enjoyed both.

        All the time I feel that is exactly what the prequels should have been, nevertheless they were not exactly bad movies, only some scenes were a bit questionabel.

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  2. Star Wars is a minor classic, do you know how you make a minor classic…make three totally awesome major classic movies then ruin them years later with three really crappy ones!!

    Glad to see Disney have now got these back on track, nice spoiler free review , going over the xmas holidays to see this myself.

    Cheers Roger.

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  3. Saw this yesterday. Enjoyed very much. Compared to TFA it was different… a good self-contained, standalone story that nonetheless makes ANH better. I liked the characters and grew some affection for them but there was not enough time to get to know them or flesh them out. TFA had more time to get to know the main characters (so not Poe) and I’m keen to see how they grow through the next few films.
    I enjoyed Felicity Jones’ performance a great deal, along with Donnie Yen and a really charismatic Alan Tudyk. I actually really appreciated what they did with PC as well, and the Vader bits were all fantastic.

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