The Revenant Horde of Dark Hallow – Part 10

Skeletons were tricky to put together, fiddly, annoying and just generally a bit frustrating but I had so much fun painting them.

At first I thought they’d be pretty quick and simple to paint but, surprisingly, they have a lot more detail than I expected.

I really wanted to get the right bone colour so I experimented a lot and added slight hints of brown, grey and lighter tones here and there.

As you’ll see this horde is a mix of Mantic and GW models. I think they blended well together. I definitely prefer the GW Skellies though.

I’m particularly fond of the Horn blower. I also like all the skeletons without head gear.

The leader, the one with the White hair (Theres two leaders, oh and a Sergeant) is pretty cool to. Actually, there aren’t many models in this group that I don’t like.

As you can see I went with some war paint on their faces. Very Braveheart style. I like the look so much I’ll be doing something similar for a Chaos BloodReaper Army I have coming up in 2017.

Let me know what you think people.



I took a close up of this guys, forgive the blurriness, to show you a gold tooth I painted hehe. Your top left, his top right. Bit of fun.


The Leaders –

General Azzerad


Captain Rassler Dredd


Sergeant Drachen (On the right)


The troops


The picture below shows how this Skeleton warrior was killed when he was alive and breathing and covered in flesh. A short sword to the back. Youchy!!


As you can see, below, I was attempting an arrow pierced through the wooden shield. Unfortunately the head of the arrow drooped a bit as it dried. Ahh well, you get the idea.


I like the rusted shield and the faded face paint on this warrior below.


It made sense that some Skeletons maybe missing bits, including their heads.


Like the Skellie with the sword in his back this guy received an arrow to the heart which can still be seen protruding out of his armour. Strong bloody arrow that one.


One of my favourite warriors of the bunch. I like his stance and the simple blue stripe war paint. I was also very happy with the bone tone.


Another fave below. He’s the one with the gold tooth. I like his gaping head wound and his open mouth. He looks very ghastly indeed. Cool shield too.


The Horn Blower. I wanted the tone of the tusk to stand out from all the other bones.


The command unit, minus the Sergeant.


Group shot.


What better terrain pieces to use than an actual skeleton. Yes it is real and no I am not a murderer…cough…

How I managed to have this skeleton among my odd and macabre collection is a story for another day hehe.

Sweet dreams.

24 thoughts on “The Revenant Horde of Dark Hallow – Part 10”

      1. Dark souls is an rpg game series (console/PC) that’s notably known for its high difficulty in gameplay. It’s visually dark and disturbing for its setting and enemies, which are hostile to the point of no mercy to the main character.

        If you want to know more about the lore in the game series, there’s the dark souls wiki site which will explain the game more better then I did lol.

        There’s also a dark souls miniature board game made by steamforged who are doing a Kickstarter to produce it.

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    1. Hehe thanks mate. Ok so some years back mum and dad lived next door to a very old abandoned house. One day I decided to take it upon myself to inspect the place. I ummm “gained” access with a particular set of skills I posess. Unfortunately there wasn’t much in there. I did find an old shaving mirror, a walking stick and a pile of old books. I was about to give up on the expedition when I spied an old wooden box under a pile of clothes. I prised open the lid and Oh Fuck!!! A human skull stared back at me. I jumped out of my bloody skin. On closer inspection I saw the rest of the skeleton. Then I found paper work. Turns out it was from a science department at a school in Ireland from the 1950s. I was well chuffed. It’s been a great story to tell and a lovely macabre piece to keep.

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  1. This series is amazing! I’d seen these guys in some of your big battle reports, but to see their ugly genesis in all its glory… awesome stuff! And I hadn’t realized how big the horde was – impressive!

    I mayyyyyy have already borrowed/stolen the idea of some of the zombies digging their way out of the ground, to add to my own forces…

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