A taste of things to come in 2017

Instead of looking back over 2016 I thought I’d look ahead instead.

I’ll just say one thing about 2016 though. I feel I have improved and it’s owed to that old fashioned mantra of “practice makes perfect”. I’m faaaar from perfect though haha.

2017 will be another overly ambitious year for me which will, hopefully, include a Mordheim Project – A Mordheim Nightmare.

There will be several warbands for both good and evil along with some terrain.

The first Warband fighting for the side of Good.


The first Nightmare Warband.


Thank you for all your positive and constructive feedback. Thank you for all the “likes”. Thank you to those of you who are regular viewers and readers of my humble little corner of the InterWeb. I really do appreciate your online friendship.

This little place has fast become my favourite hobby and past time. It’s a relaxing bit of escapism in an otherwise hectic but great life.

Happy and safe New Year and see you in 2017.

Kind regards,


22 thoughts on “A taste of things to come in 2017”

  1. I know you’re looking forward rather than looking back, but you’ve had a brilliant year. In the relatively short time I’ve been following you I’ve seen your work just getting better and better. You’ve been a constant source of inspiration and above all else a great bloke to talk to. Have a great 2017!

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  2. Oh yes, you have certainly improved mate, in leaps and bounds! Looking forward to continuing the journey through the next twelve months – looks like you’re ready to hit the ground running already!

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      1. I don’t think so, unless they are happy to establish two fantasy timelines, like 30k and 40k. Blood Bowl has never been fully incorporated into the existing background and lived in its own reality bubble, so it will also work in the AoS universe.

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