The Judicators Project – The Jury is Out.

Some of you may remember a project I’ve been working on called The Judicators, no nothing to do with the Judicator models in AOS.

If you are not familiar with the project see here…

Or type Judicators into the search section to see all relevant posts.

This project really took on a life of it’s own and still continues to.

It’s one I am thoroughly enjoying because it is allowing my imagination to go wild.

It’s also a very slow moving project simply because I don’t want to rush it and I want it to be just right.

This morning I completed the Jury.

Twelve horrid individuals who decide the grim fate of the guilty and the innocent.

Let’s meet them…

1. Juror Cymion. I love his stance. He looks stealthy and vicious.


2. Juror Death-hand


3. Juror Farius


4. Juror Erebus


5. Juror Revile. My first go at fire. I definitely need practice haha.


6. Juror Marklon


7. Juror Kade. My least favourite of the bunch. I think the hair is too yellow.


8. Juror Gormard. I love his stance. It’s so awkward but creepy. Kind of Puppet-like.


9. Juror Furon


10. Juror Rexmire. A simple conversion. I love his weapon.


11. Juror Sinsayer


12. Juror VexKin. Some of you may have seen VexKin before. He was one of the first Jurors I painted and he is most definitely the best of the bunch in my opinion. As, I hope, you can see, he has been skinned. Something he does himself. Yikes! Haha.


10 thoughts on “The Judicators Project – The Jury is Out.”

      1. Only the guilty get judged so I’m pretty sure that you have nothing to fear unless you’re really guilty, quite guilty, only a little bit guilty or not at all guilty. The pro tip is don’t be any kind of guilty.

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