Long bloody list of projects



I’m a man that likes lists. I can be quite forgetful at times and need lists for shopping, for work, for daily chores etc.

I also like project lists because it means I don’t have to rely on my limited brain power to keep a check on what I’m doing and where I’m up to.

Lists are like life though, full of unexpected turns and twists.

Only about a third of my projects were ticked off my list from last year. However many new projects were added and some of these were completed.

This is what my 2017 list looks like but who knows how it will end up.

I think, more than anything, the list works for me as a reference.

1. The Judicators project – Still several models to build and lots to paint along with some more specific terrain.

2. Storenfreid – German Orc Army. Lots of models to paint. I have built a huge fortress for this army but it’s so big its a bit daunting haha. I hope to at least start painting it this year.

3. Blud Letta – Ork army. Still more models to add. Possibly some MegaKnobz.

4. World Eaters Warband – Haven’t started yet but have bought some bits and pieces.

5. Purge Cardinals – My own space marine chapter. They were called something else but I think the new name is better. I have bought models and bits but haven’t made a start.

6. The Mighty 77th Cadian Regiment –  Its finished but I want to add some artillery.

7. Hurons Wastelanders – I’ve got all the models sorted but need to finish painting them. I’ve also recently purchased a Basilisk (my favourite tank/vehicle in the 40k world) that im looking forward to painting in a Chaos Cultist style.

8. The Brotherhood of disorder – Chaos army. Almost finished painting all the models.

9. The Crooked Man Saga. – Finish the adventure.

10. Start a Bolt Action army.

11. Carnival Macabre – Add more creepy models.

12. Bloodreapers army – All the models are made but I think I want some monsters too. No painting yet.

13. The Emperors Light Army – A whole bunch of good guys with spears, swords, axes and armour etc. This army is a big one so a lot of painting required.

14. March of the flies – Finish my Nurgle project. I have several interesting models to paint.

15. Mordheim Nightmare – I want to build several characterful warbands and terrain for my Mordheim project. Lots to do here.


16. Introduce you all to Finem Montourum (Dead World).

14 thoughts on “Long bloody list of projects”

  1. All sounds delicious mate – best put a new project top of the list though… invent a cloning machine. I reckon you’ll need five or six clones to get through that lot!

    Liked by 1 person

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