Bolt Action and Toy soldiers

Having a birthday so close to Christmas has never been a problem for me. I’ve heard others say it’s a drag because they don’t have anything to look forward to throughout the year. Having not known any different I can’t really comment. All I can say is that I’ve always loved it. Christmas is exciting, still is, then it’s New Years and then bang birthday time!! Whoop whoop.

This year my lovely wife gave me a hefty injection of cash to spend on my dorky hobby. Thanks Love!! I’ve already spent a chunk via my good friend eBay.

Now its decision time.

To Bolt Action or Not to Bolt Action?

Its a game and a collection of lovely models I keep coming back to and why wouldn’t I???

Check these out. The details are incredible along with the poses.


Awesome historically correct models (Toy soldiers). As with everything else to do with this hobby it takes me back to my youth. That boy on the rug playing soldiers haha.

I’m trying to brainwash my mate to get into BA too to give me an excuse to buy two armies. However, worse case scenario, I’ll just have two really cool armies painted and up on display.

One small negative is that I can’t convert the models. Actually scrap that, I could I guess but I’m kind of excited to keep them historically correct. I even like the thought of reenacting actual battles that took place in WWII.

Im also looking forward to building terrain and a game table.

Another thing I like is the vast range of models, armies and add ons.

Oh and one more thing, I plan on learning all the rules properly.

I think im sold.

I’m definitely getting some Blitzkreig but should I go with US troops or Brits?

I like the rag tag motley look of the Americans but I also like the polished stuff upper lip of the Brits. Plus I was born in England so have always had a soft spot for them. Plus with the Brits I can then delve into SAS, commandos etc too. Maybe even Dads Army as well haha.

Alright. Decision made – Blitzkreig (1000pts). British (1000pts).

Think I’ll get the 2nd edition Band of Brothers starter too so then I have the rules etc plus some cool looking GI’s. Mohawks are cool in any conflict man!

Watch this space.

Good chat guys.



32 thoughts on “Bolt Action and Toy soldiers”

  1. Good luck! Personally I have the Wargames Foundry range of (early war) Germans and Foundry’s British Home Guard, Commandos, and paratroopers all of which I bought over 6 years ago when Foundry had a great sale, and which I haven’t touched since!!

    One day I hope to play a few Operation Sealion games, and some commando raids (like this for example: ) with the Chain of Command ruleset. Too many things to do though!

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      1. I don’t have any BA minis, except for a few from before BA was sold to Warlord Games (sculpted by Paul Hicks). They are pretty similar to the Foundry sculpts except perhaps more detailed and more “fiddly”. The Foundry sculpts are great, nice Perry twins minis. Despite what people say on the internet, I find the Foundry minis to fit pretty well with most other ranges.

        This may be of interest in terms of a lot of detail about the game play:

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  2. Personally I like the BA miniatures (especially since they starting doing away with the cartoonish faces). The rules on the other hand feel too close to 40K and lack historical feel.

    So if I may be so bold … if your group is not set on BA yet, may I suggest you give Battlegroup a try? It was written for 20mm but works like a charm in 28mm without any conversion. So far every BA player (at least those out for a historical feel, as opposed to power among) who had a test game with our club converted, since they felt they were easier than BA and felt more realistic.

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  3. Another comment from the peanut gallery that although the BA models are lovely the rules are not that great. We play them with 15mm mini’s and as a light game that works IMO – the issues are not as bad if using 15mm figs. In 28mm it feels odd for a historical game – ranges are all wrong and it’s not even close to historical/real world tactics because of that. A much better platoon level rules set you can use is ‘chain of command’ by the Too Fat Lardies. They are a different to GW games but they are worth it – there are videos as intro’s/walk throughs as well.

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  4. I find it depends on what you are looking for. I think Bolt Action does a good job if what you like is a game that feels like a war movie over, say, a simulation. I like both war movie games and simulations, as long as the rules aren’t so complex as to bog down play, so it is all good. For me it also has the side benefit that a lot of people I know, who are into 40K, will give BA a try because of the rules similarities and ease for them to learn. For me, the best games are the ones you can find players for.

    One of the beauties of historical miniatures, as opposed to space marines, is that if you have the figures then there is nothing saying you can’t use them for multiple game systems, as others have already touched upon.

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    1. Thanks Ann. I know is lose interest pretty quickly if the rules become to laborious. I like the sound of the movie feel. I love all the old war movies. I’m quite pumped about this venture. I’m really hoping to twist my best mates arm to get into it. He loves WWII history and is very knowledgable. We used to play an online game called close combat which we loved so this would be similar but better.

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      1. Another thing I like about BA (and wish 40K did it similarly … *keeping my fingers crossed for 8th edition*) is that BA doesn’t have a you go/I go system. Instead it has unit activation, which is done by drawing colored dice from a cup. The official dice they sell for the game has the various orders printed on the faces so you put the die next to the unit you activate and you know both that the unit is activated and what it did. This is particularly useful if a unit goes to ground or is waiting for opportunity fire.

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      2. It does seem to do that, I think, as well as forcing some tactical decisions that you don’t have to make when you know all of your units will get to act before the enemy can respond. More importantly, one doesn’t have to sit there for 20 minutes getting shot at without getting to do anything other than make saves.

        Also, I really like how they do pinning.

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      3. Memoir ’44 is another good WWII board game if you like a game that is easy to learn and fun to play and has probably more of a war movie feel to it than being a simulation.

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    1. I’m no apart of any club or anything so I rely on my friends feeling sorry for me and coming over to have a game. Therefore I need both armies. I’m realy looking forward to painting them all. Thanks for the comment man.


  5. I fondly remember playing with toy soldiers way back in the 80s. We used 1/72 scale models and a rule set called Attack. My brother and got a photocopied version from a mate who in turn had gotten a photocopy from and friend who … yeah you get it. You could barely make anything out. This was how you pirated stuff back in the day.

    Needless to say, I’m following this with interest.

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      1. I remember that you bring all sorts of things from civilians and ragtag militia to normal grunts to hardcore guerrilla fighters and commandos. Pretty sure it had points too.

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  6. BA is a fun game (and K-47 too, if you like a bit of weird in your WWII). I’ve got it in my head that you’re in Melbourne, which would be another bonus, and it is pretty easy to find BA players here. Welcome aboard.

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