Some inspirational links

It’s not always easy to stay inspired, although I rarely have that problem of I’ve got to say.

I wanted to share a few sites I find very inspirational.

I can usually draw inspiration from just about everything and anythings. An old building, a movie, one of your lovely posts, a memory, an historical moment, a story or just from my own wandering mind haha.

However at least a couple times a week I go on the InterWeb and Google image or try and find some cool websites.

Here are just a few.

Nicolas Grillet – Has to be one of my favourites. His work astounds me. Especially his terrain which has inspired me to attempt my own larger piece. See the link or just google image Nicolas Grillet 40k and go on an awesome ride. His conversions and his illustrations are simply stunning.

The next one I only really discovered in the last few months. Wow!! His work is out of this world.

The last one for you today is well impressive from the models to the photography to the whole website. I find it can be a bit slow at times but I’ll be surprised if the work does not get your creative and any other juices flowing hehe.

Let me know what you guys think. Also, if you have any other people/sites you could suggest, I’m all ears.




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