The Cardinal and his Robot.

Wow so here I am… Another explosion of ideas. Although this one may have been inspired by this…

][ The Chapel ][

I’d like to introduce you all to  Cardinal Gregor Hellborne an ecclesiarch and his Robot Brute friend called AeRugo.


I will be taking the Ork motif off the jet pack. I’ll also be slightly adjusting AeRugos sword hand so it doesn’t look so static. Although I like the overall static look of the Robot. After all he’s a soulless clunky robot.

I’m really happy with Gregor Hellbornes walking stick, that whole arm looks good.


22 thoughts on “The Cardinal and his Robot.”

  1. Loving that robot! The bulkiness of the body really makes it. I really like Gregor’s head and chest combination as well, gives him a real creepy look.

    I can’t wait to see this pair painted 🙂

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      1. Oh yeah, happy New Years! I started a new job in November and it’s been pretty hectic. I’ve been reading articles here and there via email but I’ve been really preoccupied. I’m not in to resolutions however I’m going to try and get back on to the online scene!
        How have you been? Interesting choice about bolt action btw. Your stuff always makes me want to get my hobby on 😉

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      2. Are you enjoying the new job? I get withdrawl symptoms if I don’t do something hobbyish hehe. Haha im glad I can inspire you to get your arse hobbying again. I’ve ordered the BA armies and im really looking forward to painting them.

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      3. Yeah the new job is ace, it’s only a six month contract so my focus has been to make a good impact.
        Haha, yep seeing all the things does stir the ol’ hobby passion. I’ve done a bit of painting and stock assembly but nothing major.
        I’ll be interested to hear how bolt action plays and to see how you find painting them up.

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      4. Haha, good stuff. Keep your twisted inq28 models coming though eh, some of us -shuffles awkwardly in seat- can’t get enough -eye twitches-
        ; )

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