The trouble with being creative haha

Just a little post for you fine people this evening… I don’t want my Curry getting cold.

There I am working Part 11 of the Ravenant Horde of Dark Hallow (oh by the way I forgot to add this project to my 2017 list haha) when I suddenly a random though pops into my head. * What if I made a small battle robot from some random bits? Now I kind of have done this before with B.O.B from the Scrappers project but I just went with it.

Here are some sneaky shots. You’ll see some Skellies on skelly horses to the left but then oohhh what’s that lying flat on it’s back???

Surely im not alone with how my brain goes from one thing to the next? Or am I. I used to give myself a hard time about being focussed and getting things done but then I thought hang on a minute it’s my hobby! I’ll approach it any way I damn well want to thanks Brain.



10 thoughts on “The trouble with being creative haha”

  1. I’ve had both a hell pit abomination and a manticore laying in my “to paint” pile for bloody ages! I just can’t help but get distracted when I should be painting them. I like the direction the robot’s heading in πŸ™‚

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