Heretic Warband # 1

Today I was intending to try and make some civilians for the 40k world. Easier said than done as there are not may options for hands without weapons haha. I think I’ll end up going for weird and wonderful servitor type looking  individuals later on down the track.

Anyway the civilians turned into a Heretic Warband lead by Cadinal Gregor Hellborne, a fallen Ecclesiarch, as seen in yesterday’s post.

I’ll be painting these as of tomorrow so keep an eye out for the completed Heretic Warband.


The Brute Robot AeRugo


Dzakar – Messenger of Sin


The Rag and Bone Man (Note is left stump)




Hadúr  The Ghoul Soldier




The Blood Priest



11 thoughts on “Heretic Warband # 1”

  1. I do like the robot …. 🙂 I’ve always intended to revisit/modify the really old school rules for Citadel Robots where they have various combat and utility programmes which determine how the react and perform. Gives some purpose to their use in campaigns where they could get software and hardware updates …. anyway all very characterful

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  2. Great looking characters mate. That’s the thing I love about Inq28, the complete originality it allows. Imaginations run riot and you’ve come up with some fresh ideas. Good stuff! Looking forward to seeing them finished in all their glory.

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