Outgard-ish Warband.



I’m on holidays and I’ve caused a little mischief to my knee and thigh. Tore a muscle or something. Who knows and who cares. It means I’ve been able to be fairly productive with the hobby.

Have you heard about Outgard?

Well if you haven’t, read this…


Cool huh?

I’ve been wanting to do some kind of Outgard Warband since I first read the above blog.

So here ’tis…

Once they are all painted up I will have fluff too.

For now though, what we all want to see, the PIX


Lord Odin Thorne


Sir Tathius The Bold


Conjurer Vladimir Lotz





Sir Vincent the 3rd



Foot Soldier – Gannon


Foot Soldier – Conrad the blind


Foot Soldier – Reinhold


Foot Soldier – Manfred


Foot Soldier – Ivor


Foot Soldier – Magas




17 thoughts on “Outgard-ish Warband.”

  1. Very nice – and very much in keeping with my mental image of the Imperial Guard in the crumbling 41st Millennium. In my opinion these may be some of the best conversions you’ve come up with, the combination of 40k and Bretonian parts is spot on. Reckon you knackering your knee was a win for the rest of us anyway!

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  2. Stop it damm it. Between you and your warbands and the Blanchitsu feature in my mate’s White Dwarf I keep looking at I’m getting drawn back to 40k after I swore off it and sold all my stuff.


    Pete. (who is heading to ebay to look for cheap plastics)

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