Pin drill

Hi guys.

In an effort to get better at this hobby of ours I need better tools.

Can anyone advise what type of pin drill I should get? Any recommendations and/or advice would be appreciated.




15 thoughts on “Pin drill”

  1. I have a “good” one and a couple of these as backups. They’re so cheap you can’t go wrong.

    Just ebay search “pin vice” and they’re a much of a muchness. The only thing to really look for IMO is a decent swivel point that you use to brace it on your hand, and a double-sided chuck. The one I linked you has both.

    If you don’t get one that has bits included, grab yourself a pack or two of these – or maybe do so anyway so you’ve always got bits and a spare when you need one.

    And then go to Bunnings and get a few of their absolute smallest heavy-duty bits. Usually in the Dremel section. Grab one of those as well if you’re keen!

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