The Chapel Project Part I – Servitor –

To say I am excited about his project is a massive understatement.

See the brief here…

Those who would brave The Chapel

I’ve made eight of the models I will be submitting, including my first ever servo-skull thing. Watch for upcoming posts.

For your appraisal today though I just completed a Servitor. I was so inspired by Thomas’s work with greenstuff, see here…

I thought I’d have a go too. I’m a complete novice when it comes to sculpting but I am happy with how this slave like being turned out. When he has fully cured I will carve up the arms for some more muscle definition. Also is left forearm is thicker than his right haha, so I will fix that too.

Looking at the pictures it looks like some kind of bow-staff is strapped to his backpacks. In fact it is an antennae and a spanner. However, I will be snipping these off to attach a bow-staff hehe.

When he is painted I will post again and include fluff etc.





20 thoughts on “The Chapel Project Part I – Servitor –”

  1. Looking cool, the gas mask is very fitting. The beefed up arms look cool over the thin legs. like I said, cool! I find it easier to sculpt detail rather than carve. wait for it to be semi-cured and sculpt away. I use water as a lubricant and it work fine.

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