The Chapel Project Part II – Ostium Guides –

The Chapel continues with much momentum.

See the brief for the Chapel project  here…

I was busy nutting away on my Warband when suddenly Heresy posts this doozy…

The Ostium Guides


An exciting distraction to be sure.


Straight away I new I wanted to use a very different head. Something even more surreal.


Latius Gromm the prestigious Ostium Guide –

He does not speak  he only gestures

He will show you hell and show you pleasures

Pay him what he asks and you will survive the trip

Deny him  what is owed and your blood he will sip



Then after making the first guide I had the idea for a much older and decrepit guide.

Gagus the foul Ostium Guide –

He is older than time and sicker than death

You can smell his insanity on his very breath

He will take you to the gates of hell

He will take you to the drowning well

He will take you on a trip through his rotten mind

He will take all you own including your soul to sell



If you need someone to show you the way

some reassurance at your side

If you are willing to offer some pay

You first need to seek an Ostium Guide




16 thoughts on “The Chapel Project Part II – Ostium Guides –”

  1. Blimey you’re fast! They’re both looking great, but the second guy is definitely the best. I imagine he sees pathways others don’t using that third eye, maybe like some strange navigator throwback?
    I’ll be incorporating (stealing) the staff for my own model as well, nice simple design to tie them together 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah the third eye is kind of why I chose that particular head. He can guide you across all types of land and also the uncharted areas of your mind. Thanks for the feedback man. I’m glad you like them.


  2. Well you did say they’d be surreal mate! There’s something of the psychopomp about them both. I can see them as guides of the soul as much as of the body. In that respect they also make me think of the Davinite Priests which led Warmaster Horus into treachery. Like Alex I think, given the choice, that I might buy a map and go it alone but I still like ’em, they ooze creepy character!

    Liked by 1 person

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